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GF Rating


The Game’s name: Bland, James Bland

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 31, 2013

Member since Jan 2008

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He’s been around for 50 years (how he stays young is something I don’t get), and he’s thrilled many ladies and killed many guys. He’s James Bond, licensed to kill.
Too bad this game doesn’t live up to that legacy. 007 Legends feels more like a standard shooter with the main character not as James Bond, but a Call of Duty soldier dressed up in a tuxedo and drinking a shaken, not stirred Vodka Martini.
The WiiU version of this game came out months after the other versions, and the game makers try to add more to this version – the extra mission of Skyfall, and they use the touch screen on the WiiU Game Pad. It succeeds – a bit.
The main story mode plays out like any other shooter – get from point A to point B, solve some simple mini game puzzles, and shoot everyone that gets in your way.
The game makers try to put in stealth sections in each level, but the process of sneaking past the guards became so cumbersome and time consuming that it would just be easier to charge in and just shoot the bad guys.
There are also challenges, but there’s no real incentive to try them – and most of them are locked to begin with. Also, a lot of the bonus content (pictures of characters or gadgets/guns) is locked, and I’ve no interest in unlocking them.
There’s an online multiplayer mode, but you have to sign on to Nintento Network – which require yet another password. Thanks, but I’d rather go for the no questions asked Call of Duty online mode instead.
007 Legends’ License to Thrill ought to be revoked. SKIP IT.

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GF Rating


Has so much potential...

posted by cerealkeller (EMPORIUM, PA) Jun 17, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

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This game could have been really good. First off, the controls licked. They licked so bad it ruined the game. On the right stick, you use to aim, the left and right flies way too fast and the up and down goes at a snail pace. I hate that. I hate it! Sensitivity should be the same on both, always. Or at least give me the option to change it seperately. This game was so terrible that it put the devlopers out of business. So there have been no updates and there probably will never be any. There are glitches in the game too. I've had to reset to previous checkpoint to get back to a spot and try something again that failed to work the first time. At least 3 times. The graphics were horrid. Some things looked good, but the frame rate was pathetic. It lagged out all the time. Dropped into the low 20s frequently. I love Bond movies and games. So for me this was a real dissapointment. I actually bought it for the pc. It was even worse on the PC. It was so bad Steam stopped selling it. And I've never even heard of that before. You pretty much have to rely on auto aim, and they pretty much make it clear that they expect you to. It's so hard to hit your target with the horrible control mechanics, that I actually HAD to use auto aim. I would have never finished the game without it. They basically took stories from older Bond movies and recreated them. It was interesting from 007 fan perspective. But does not give the credit that is due to such a time honored franchise. Unless you're a major Bond fan, I wouldn't give this game the time of day. And that's so sad for me to have to say...

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GF Rating


007 At His Best

posted by Teenkitsune (ABERDEEN, MD) Oct 27, 2013

Member since Oct 2013

Honestly, I'm not a fan of first person shooters, but I do enjoy James Bond. Sadly have not seen enough of the movies, mostly seen Moon Raker and the Daniel Craig Films. Anyway, I wanted to play through all the good stories for all 6 Bond actors, so I had to go for this. Honestly, I'm glad I did, unlike most 007 FPS' this isn't about going in and killing everyone in the campaign like most FPS' but rather includes that as part of the campaign's gameplay. There are sections where you have to avoid attacking enemies and sneak around undetected, which is a gameplay thing I've gotten into thanks to Metal gear Solid. It feels good to make it through while in stealth mode rather than just running in and shooting everyone. The only flaw I find in it is the lack of actors and cutscenes from previous films, even in Goldfinger Daniel Craig is Bond rather than Sean Connery. It's not that I don't like Daniel Craig, I'm actually a fan of him, it just would ahve been nice if they recycled all the original footage and/or audio from the older films. But beyond that, it's very fun and enjoyable, I highly recommend it.

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GF Rating


Not bad

posted by Snowtheory (CUMMING, GA) May 24, 2013

Member since May 2013

Not bad could have been better.

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GF Rating


OO7 Legends

posted by Rude755 (ROCHESTER, NY) Mar 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

Though I am not big on FPS's 007 Legends felt pretty run of the mill early on and could not draw my attention away from other games that I'm currently playing.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

UGH, so frustratin

posted by Nick_Angel (TANEYTOWN, MD) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I entered this game into my game queue with the hopes that what I was readin everywhere may have been a bit overblown. The brilliance of the reimagined Goldeneye by this same studio gave me hopes for future Bond shooters. 007 Legends destroyed those hopes. The controls were clunky and sticky. The story, which I was really trying to get into just wasn't very compelling, and the overall gameplay just extremely repetitive and at some points just downright loathesome. I was especially looking forward to the WiiU experience with this game hoping for a better experience enhanced by the gamepad, that did not come to fruition either. The multiplayer was never an option because there was never anyone on the Nintendo Network playing the game. Overall a very disappointing experience that could not hold me through to the end. I only made it about halfway through and got tired of the repetitive waves of baddies, point A to Point B, awful sticky aiming and control scheme. Rent if you would like to try out a new WiiU game, but don't say I did'nt warn you first.

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GF Rating


Don't waste your time.

posted by CaptColon (SHIRLEY, NY) Feb 23, 2013

Member since Sep 2005

I thought Eurocom was going to bring some quality back to 007 games after the awesome job they did with GoldenEye a couple of years ago, but they've disappointed me.
I start up the campaign and the first thing I notice is how ugly the game looks. It looks barely above last gen quality. Not a deal breaker though because I've played many ugly games that were still fun. This wasn't fun though, and its problems go far beyond the graphics.
Like with GoldenEye '10 you can expect this to play like James Bond meets Call of Duty. You will reach certain points of levels where you can either play stealthily, or play the opposite and just blow stuff up. You won't wanna blow up too much though because the explosions all look kinda weak. And I'm finding that the enemy AI is just stupid, which I don't think was a problem with GoldenEye.
Checkpoints also feel just a little too far apart. There are a few frustrating parts where it feels like the enemies just never stop spawning, so when you finally pass that part you'd expect a checkpoint right after but there isn't always and if you die you'll have to do it again.
Yet another issue I had with the game were the controls. No matter how much I adjust the sensitivity it just never feels right. And speaking of the controls, the Pro Controller is supported in multiplayer mode only (and there is no support for Wii Remote/Nunchuck at all). For campaign they force the GamePad on you even though they fail to make any good use of the touch screen, so why bother making it mandatory? One of the worst things they added are the first-person fist fights where it's just a QTE where you're prompted to move the analog sticks to throw punches.
After getting bored with the campaign (which I was unable to force myself to complete) I did try the multiplayer mode but there aren't many people playing it, and the ones who do always seem to prefer team deathmatch over all the other modes, so don't expect more than an hour or two of fun there.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Bad multiplayer support

posted by Stinger1988 (BEAVERCREEK, OH) Jan 9, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I was sad to see that there is no online split screen multiplayer so if a friend comes over all we can do is play 1v1 and the multiplayer maps are huge so you spend most of your time looking for each other for a 1 sec kill. Also the game only supports the gamepad and pro controllers. Missions seemed kinda dull. I will say that the one good thing about multiplayer is you have a TON of options for guns and equipment to suit up with.

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