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Really Bad

License to Kill...revoked

posted by Jinto_Hyacinth (NEWMAN, CA) Oct 25, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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This game is a mess.
There is two ways to play this Classic or Modern. Classic means your health doesn't recharge and you must find health packs and armor, after the first level they become rare to find (unless you looked up already where to find them)
Modern mode is pretty much plays like COD and every other shooter out there, take a hit, hide, wait for your boo-boos to go away. Playing through this mode is insulting easy, your enemies either leave you alone or run at you like an idiot most of the time not even shooting at you, plus the melee attacks are instant kills regardless if the enemy has armor or not.
I love how the game hints that there will be stealth sections and you will be given gadgets to help sneak around....those section are over before it begins. Then there is that F_ing smartphone!! I hated that thing, just stopping the action so you can cycle through filters and make sure you didn't miss that smear on the ground/table/wall that is supposed to be someones DNA
Coming from a person that enjoyed playing Goldeneye: Rouge Agent back when people were bashing on it, trust me when I say pass this one up.

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Not so legendary.....

posted by DeadBite (BRONX, NY) Oct 22, 2012

Member since Apr 2005

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Remember the days when 007 games where good or at the very least decent? Well sadly those days are gone and 007 Legends is proof. Okay Graphics, Dumb A.I and horrible music, makes this game a mission 007 would not be proud of. If you’ve got a itchy trigger finger, just hold out for Halo 4 or Black Ops 2.

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Multiplayer might be fun

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 18, 2012

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Member since Dec 2006

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I didn't try the multiplayer so not commenting on it. I did however do the regular game and well raw is an apt term.

The map design isn't very good, and is at the same time. I say it's bad because it's straight line, you go from point A to point B with little deviation. It is good in the simple fact that there are places to hide at, few and far between but they are there.

Graphically, well let's just say that the main bad guys have a resemblance to how they looked in the movies. Everything else is more or less whatever they could find. Grainy is a common problem with the background. Not terribly detailed and generally just there as a placeholder for later development.

On the plus side, the game doesn't slow down. At least it hadn't at any point when I was playing it. Control wise, it serves, barely. The control is sloppy and jerky. I do mean that literally, you can go from looking to your left to looking behind by trying to look right.

The basic controls are fine, trigger where you expect. The rest of the game however, looks like placeholder for later development. Perhaps the multiplayer looks better, but judging by the comments I've found, they are the same and just as bleh.

Single player has no play value, it's only there to let you unlock characters, I assume for multiplayer. Single player is not something you will want to play unless you wish to unlock said characters.

Based on the gameplay of singleplayer, I don't think multiplayer will be any good. Opinions vary and who knows maybe the controls work well in multiplayer. They don't in single player. Overall this game isn't worth renting. Might be fun for a week if all you want to do is shoot at other people saying Bond, James Bond.

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