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007 Legends (Review)

posted by 20jmayorga (UNDERWOOD, IA) Nov 7, 2014

Member since Nov 2014

I played this game and finished it and it was, I guess, a good game. I rated it a 6 out of 10 because of the graphics, and the level checkpoints. People often think that they don't like it because it's not in sequential order, but it is. It's portraying MOST of the Bond films and missions, then putting them in one game.

But it appealed to me that when you die, for example, near the end of a mission, you respawn at the last checkpoint, which is near the beginning of the mission. That's one thing I really hate about games is bad checkpoint spawning.

An all it was a fair game. I enjoy Bond and his missions. This game is the best Bond game I've played. It's better than 007 Quantum of Solace, 007 Nightfire, and especially 007 Agent Under Fire. Under Fire wasn't really a blast like the rest. But like I said, this is a really good game.

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Really Bad

A poor excuse of a game

posted by JSilver (STUARTS DRAFT, VA) Apr 6, 2014

Member since May 2007

Some companies have absolutely NO BUSINESS making video games. Activision is one of those companies, that makes terrible games and not for the love of developing games, and certainly not to give players a grand experience, but only because they know that the video game industry is strong and they simply want to make money. This game is proof that Activision is a poor developer. As I played this game, it started out just "OK". The control is not the best, but I have definitely seen better control in other games. By the 2nd mission I was starting to get into it somewhat. Then I started the 3rd mission, and the game just slapped me in the face with what felt to me like Activision laughing at the player for buying or renting their awful game. Here's what happened: In the 3rd mission, you have to follow a woman who is on a snowmobile. As Bond, you are on Skis trying to keep up with her down a snow covered hill. Trees are all over the place. And the control in this section of the game is without question....terrible. It's like trying to steer a stick of butter on a hot frying pan, and as I said, trees are all over the place, and if you hit just ONE of those fail the mission because the woman on the snowmobile gets away. That to me felt like a kick in the groin. I must have re-tried that mission 10 times and I still kept slamming into a tree, even if it was a different tree...I just couldn't do it. I got pretty angry at the game and at that point I took the game out of my PS3 and put it back in the GameFly sleeve. I am not one to give up on a game so easily, but that part of the game was just unexceptable. I play games to have fun and to have a great experience...not to get angry and have my stress maxed out. So F U Activision. Get out of the video game business and go into something say plumbing or landscaping, or maybe even start a cleaning service...because your games are junk. I think I'll play a GREAT game like say, The Last of Us.

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posted by sirenator5150 (CONCRETE, WA) Dec 3, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

What a bad way of celebrating the 50th aniversary of the James Bond franchise.
1st of all it is not even Daniel Craig's voice.
2nd: Moonraker, Licence to Kill, & Die Another Day are the weakest installments in the Bond franchise. They should have Done (The Spy Who Loved Me-Roger Moore, The Living Daylights-Timothy Dalton & GoldenEye-Pierce Brosnan)
3rd: They should have had the actors voice the roles of their respective bond films instead of the Daniel Craig impersonator.
4th: The gameplay is annoying. It is easy to die and I never finished the last part of the Moonraker mission cuz I wanted to destroy the TV out of anger.

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