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posted by Lafleuffe (LOS ANGELES, CA) Nov 29, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

I have a deep rooted love for all Bond games. I've liked them all...until now. 007 Legends is the kind of game that makes you stop playing video games. It might even cause you to go blind. It's infuriatingly tedious and ultimately plays out like a practical joke on the consumer. You finish the last mission on Moonraker and it doesn't even have the courtesy to give you a cut scene before going to the credits. It should have just said, "GOTCHA! HA HA HA!" and then melted your PS3.

And no guys, I'm not going to spend the time downloading more missions. The last thing I want to do is give this garbage any more of my time.

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Fun in the 007 history

posted by ehiris (PHOENIX, AZ) Nov 23, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

This game is really good. Better than the last one. Lots of new things to do. Like skiing, driving vehicles, etc.

It does have some bugs like the skiing scene doesn't tell you how to accelerate but still a lot of fun.

I found playing through scene from multiple James Bond movies very entertaining.

Graphics are also very good.

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Really Bad

This is an example of a bad game.

posted by Sord213 (WILMINGTON, IL) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

I was really hoping to like this game, I really was. I played nightfire and agent under fire a ton with my friends and loved it. I rented this because I love the bond games and was hoping for an enjoyable play session, even if it were short, to pass some time. I didn't get that.

You can win every missing by alerting the ai and waiting behind something since they will just run around right in front of you. The enemies are the equivalent of cardboard cut outs. If you get AI aiding you they're also just as bad and only have a few lines each. (Seriously in the Ft. Knox mission the soldier ai only have like 6 lines in battle that they just keep repeating over and over). The graphics are poor, even for standards 4 years ago. I don't play games for graphics but that's just sad how they look.

The missions (as far as I got) had really lame plots; "ENEMY HAS DEADLY WEAPON. STOP ENEMY". The gunplay isn't that great either. There are some games where even if the gameplay isn't that great the gunplay is amazing. The guns have a 'weight' to them, a good kick when they shoot and good sounds to them. That's not the case for this game. I'd say the only reason I gave this a 2 is because the splitscreen multiplayer is pretty fun with a group. And the decent customization in perks/weapons is also nice.

So if you're looking for something to kill some time with friends splitscreen I'd say that this COULD be an okay choice for that. Expecting anything more out of it is just absurd, though. There are plenty of other good choices that you can make over this.

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