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Above Average

Good Action

posted by alc322 (WESLEY CHAPEL, FL) Oct 23, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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This game is mostly a shooter. Good memories of bad guys like Jaws and Oddjob. A little glitchy; some poor camera angles. Dont like the fact if you die you have to go back to checkpoints that are pretty far back. A good rental, especially for 007 hardcore fans.

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It’s NOT finished!!!

posted by tylerca (CHULA VISTA, CA) Oct 21, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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OK you can read about the poor controls, the lack of a cover system, bad AI, subpar graphics, etc. from other reviewers (all true BTW). I’m here to tell you that this game is POOR. It was slapped together without much thought and rushed out to fans as IT'S NOT FINISHED YET!! You start off in what you can only assume is the movie Skyfall as James Bond falls into a state of unconsciousness and you have these flashbacks of the past, this is how you can get to play against some of Bonds best villains (BTW it is actually cool to be able to do battle with some of the best known Bond villains, the only saving factor of this game). You go through different missions which do not seem to be tied to each other. The missions are either way too short, way too easy, or as in the case of the “last” mission frustratingly difficult. The problem is after you complete the “last” mission (which isn't the last mission), the game ends…What the Heck!! The credits start to roll and it says JAMES BOND WILL RETURN – IN MID-NOVEMBER FOR DLC IN SKYFALL. OK!!!! You can’t even finish the game yet as it’s NOT EVEN FINISHED!!! It was like playing a demo of the game for two days and now you have to re-rent it after the DLC becomes available if you want to see how the game ends. NO THANK YOU!!

They should have stuck to making one movie one game – all Skyfall or nothing. Goldeneye wasn’t perfect but at least it had a story to follow and it was at times enjoyable, but this garbage is just that. I certainly hope this isn't the future of gaming where company’s think they can release a game that isn’t finished and except us to download updates just to complete the game at a later time. NO THANK YOU.

Save the time, rent this only if you’re truly bored, have nothing to do, and after Thanksgiving 2012.

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Even die hard Bond fans may want to avoid this

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 17, 2012

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The idea behind "007 Legends" is a sound one- take iconic moments throughout the franchise's 50 year history, update them using current Bond Daniel Craig, and blend them into a coherent story. Sadly, the execution behind Eurocom's venture is so poor you may not even want to continue beyond the first mission. Graphics are more reminiscent of the PS2 than the current generation, and the controls are a mixed bag of a standard COD style shooter (which work fine) and awkward stealth mechanics (not so much). Enemies respawn until you move forward to a specific spot, and are often hard to see. Being stealthy isn't rewarding, as you're most likely going to be spotted and end up in a firefight. NPCs don't always do what they're supposed to (one character says to follow her and then constantly stops and waits for you to lead) and the enemy AI is only slightly competent, trying to merely swarm you with large numbers and running into your line of fire instead of trying to flank you. The gadgets are also awkwardly implemented and not very fun to use. The game is reportedly very short (around 5 hours) though I can't say for sure as I wasn't compelled to play this through. This is just a mediocre shooter, and with so many other better titles out and approaching, it wasn't worth spending the time with. Being a Bond fan I had hoped this would grab me and compel me to play through to the end. Sadly, it did not. Definitely rent this if it interests you before buying. Even die hard fans may be turned off by this lackluster title. 007 deserves so much better.

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