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Destiny Awaits

posted by Viper561 (BOYNTON BEACH, FL) Sep 30, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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X-Men Destiny allows you to create a new mutant with a specific past thrown into a war between humans and mutants. You have the option of becoming part of the X-Men or join the Brotherhood, the choice is yours.

Pros: The story takes place with the death of Prof X and Cyclops leads the X-Men. You choose from 3 characters and can choose 1 of 3 different powers to start off (shadow melee, optic style, or psychic aura). Each power is sectioned into 2 zig zag pathways in which you choose as the game progress. Each new power can be upgraded from level 1 to 4. Your also able to obtain suits, offensive, defensive, & utility add ons from different mutants and combine them in different ways. There is a small amount of platforming and random challenges (15 total) during your missions. Very easy game to beat on hardest setting & obtain platinum trophy.

Cons: Graphically fades in & out occasionally, its a non-destructive environment. Sound can sometimes disappear during heavy enemy battles or loading sequences. Camera angles are bad with no centering ability (your able to highlight a single enemy but still need to turn analog stick). The game is about 8-10 hours long depending on if you search for in game items. Boss fights are redundant, they have attack patterns that are easy to see. Dialogue between character & NPC's are boring and contains no substance. Story narration is absent except that you know its X-men vs all.

All in all, its a game you can rent and never play again. The gameplay is very similar to that of Origins Wolverine and its a basic beat-em up. If they had added elements of Ulitmate Alliance and Spider Man Dimensions, it may have been better. Play the game for fun only.

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White Queen says 'Thank you'???

posted by tyler9s (SAINT MARYS, GA) Sep 28, 2011

Member since Jan 2009

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

This is my first written review on GameFly and I just couldn't stand to not write about this game. I was very excited to receive this game, as a die-hard X-Men fan I have been looking forward to this for quite sometime. The game seemed to start pretty multi-dimensional with multiple character options and powers. Then as you further yourself along many singular army's of basic enemy's whos faces are all the same you find yourself wondering where did the design team go? Coffee break? But wait! Because having the choice between Havok, Psylocke, and Colossus like powers aren't enough, it seems you can X-Gene everyone elses power too. Oh and out jumping Toad is just a basic power all good X-men should have to start?
Over-all the graphics were wonky at best and the characters left something to be desired.
This game should have come out years ago on the Playstation 2 and stayed there to be forgotten in shame.
Next time Marvel, think twice before allowing your name to be used so freely on something less than Marvel.

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Above Average

Dont let a few bad reviews make you skip this

posted by Andrew85 (HOUSTON, TX) Oct 5, 2011

Member since Jan 2008

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

After reading the reviews giving the game a 2-4 saying they played half an hour and sent it back I almost fell into the trap of thinking this is a game to skip. It is a short game but the story is pretty good making it a good rental the controls are pretty easy to get used to and you get to choose what you want to do the game ends and sets itself up for a sequel. This game was a good weekend rental since the story takes about 6 hours to complete.

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