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posted by theboy31 (EAST ALTON, IL) Oct 3, 2011

Member since May 2011

Now the thought of this game is fun. Controls are the same a repedetive for the 3 different powers. Plot really is the same no matter what side you choose. Glitchy cut scenes, audio problems. Upside is the game is fun the first time you beat it.... that can take maybe 5 hours. Would have been a amazing game just seemed like they needed to take another couple months developing it.

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Wait, this is a new PS3 game?

posted by SirMacalot (CARROLLTON, TX) Oct 3, 2011

Member since Feb 2009

X-Men Destiny is a great concept on paper. You play a civilian who's life is about to change when you find out you're acutally a mutant. You get to choose between 3 characters with different backstories and then you get to choose your abilities.

That premise alone got me to rent this game. Once I started playing it though, I realized this was about 10 years late. The graphics are awful - like PS2 quality. The gameplay is boring and repetative - once you get your ability, you basically mash down two buttons for quick attack and heavy attack. Over and over and over again. Talking to other characters throughout the game is BORING. There aren't any custom responses, you just choose what questions you want to ask people.

This is probably one of the worst RPGs I've ever played. Shame, because I know I was looking forward to an X-Men game that wasn't a fighting game.

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posted by jeryst (FALLS CREEK, PA) Oct 3, 2011

Member since Aug 2008

As a big X-Men fan, I am totally disappointed by this game. Technically, its okay. The graphics are good, with no blockiness, pixilation, slowness, etc, but it takes forever to reload if you get killed, and you cant skip any of the way too numerous and extremely long and boring cut scenes. Also, since the game only saves at certain points, you lose any changes you make to your powers, and have to do them all over again. The gameplay itself, is horrible.

First of all, the game is very short, and it takes forever for you to get powers that are really damaging. Second of all, you collect mutant genes, which are based on classic X-Men characters like Cyclops, Pyro, etc, but all they give you, are small enhancements. For example when you get the Cyclops gene, instead of getting the ability to blast things with your eyes, all you get is an extra energy bar on the power meter. But when the bad guys get the Cyclops gene, they can blast you with his power! Totally disappointing and unfair.

One thing that is really horrible, is that whenever you use your power, you are actually rooted to the spot while you are using your power, and for a short time afterward. This sucks, because you have to be close to an enemy to do any damage, but then you cant quickly retreat. This makes the boss battles extremely frustrating because once you hit them, they can do a lot of damage to you before you can get out of their way. Sometimes, you just feel like you are fighting with glue on your feet. Not very fun at all.

And speaking of the boss battles, they are just cycles of repetitive movements played over and over again. They quickly become boring. And many times, the boss battles are in several segments, so if you get killed in the last segment, you have to fight the entire battle over again from the beginning instead of just the last part.

All in all, if you are an X-Man fan, its probably worth renting for a few hours, but definitely not worth buying. Thank God for Gamefly.

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