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Simply awesome

posted by Sandsworth (THORNTON, CO) May 27, 2012

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I'll start off by saying that I am a huge fan of games that don't "baby" you, and require you to really adapt your play-style to succeed (example: Dark Souls). Witcher 2 certainly fits that category, as the combat is very challenging compared to many of today's games. However, the combat system is only difficult if you refuse to adapt yourself to it.

My favorite part of this game is how well the story is told. The player comes to feel deeply involved in the game world, and must really agonize over certain decisions. You really do feel immersed in the story of the game.

If you combined the great story elements of "Dragon Age: Orgins" and the gritty style of "Dark Souls" you would get Witcher 2.

As for all the standard stuff: graphics are beautiful, controls are responsive, no major glitches.

One of the "must play" games of the year in my opinion.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A good return to RPG in a modern world

posted by DarkKnightAlex (LAS VEGAS, NV) May 14, 2012

Member since May 2011

6 out of 12 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

An amazing game that it's up and down but mostly it depends on the individual playing it. You should know what your getting into before you start and if you do than there is no room for complaining. Definitely like demon souls and dark souls not a game for whiners. If you complaining about how much talking or how long the cut scenes and well story takes. Guess what don't play an RPG.

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Enjoyable when it's not frustrating

posted by Markus1142 (SOMERVILLE, NJ) May 14, 2012

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Member since Oct 2010

6 out of 12 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

There are a lot of great things to find in The Witcher 2. Unfortunately, they're tied together with a clumbsy combat system that leaves me wondering if the game lost something when being ported over from the PC.

You'll often face multiple enemies at once; by design, you can use LT to lock onto an enemy, and the right analog to cycle targets. In practice, you'll often find youself locked onto the enemy furthest away, in some cases trying to switch targets as closer monsters attack you, other times attacking the locked-on creature while too far away to hit it, and not registering hits to closer enemies to boot. Othertimes you'll try to evade-roll closer to the locked-on monster, only to roll into a crowd of creatures, or get stuck on terrain.

This is on top of having to manage your five spells and items selections via a selection wheel (which slows down combat but does not stop it like in Mass Effect,) or dealing with the occassional delay in activating a spell or thrown item. Add it a few gimmicky bosses and quicktime events, and you're sure to be frustrated at some point or another.

There's a fairly decent story at the heart of it all, allowing you to make decisions along the way that affect the events and people around you. Unfortunately, like with Mass Effect 3, it's not clear if your choices actually affect the overall outcome, or only the cutscenes you get to enjoy on the way from point A to B.

The skill tree system is somewhat different from most other games, letting you develop combat, alchemy, and magic paths. There's a potion/item crafting system too, but with a muddled inventory menu it's often hard to tell what items you can get rid off, and which you actually need.

Overall, the game has its merits, unfortunately they're often overshadowed by terrible combat, an awkward crafting system, and a map/waypoint engine that seems to be completely broken half the time.

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