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Great game for RPG lovers but be warned..

posted by Sideshow (JACINTO CITY, TX) Apr 17, 2012

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So far this has turned out to be a really good game. The controls are really simple to get the hang of, the scenery is absolutely incredible and the story is pretty enthralling. There are also plenty of sidequests to keep you entertained. These aren't your average sidequests either. The decisions you make during a side quest can either greatly reward you or come back to bite you in the year. In this aspect the game does a great job of really making you use your better judgement.

However, the combat in the game can be very challenging. If you think you can get by just hacking and slashing you are dead wrong. You really have to do a good job in using the games sword/magic system. Spells can really get you out of bad situations in this game but when spells just wont do, you have bombs and potions. You have to use everything at your disposal. Some people might be a little turned off by this but its really quite easy once you get the hang of it. I will admit the developers could have been a little more clear on the alchemy menu and what not but its not to the point where you will be lost trying to make potions.

Graphics wise, this game is absolutely gorgeous. Although, it does suffer from some minor texture discrepancies, those can easily be taken care of by downloading the game to your hard drive. There might also be an occasional bug here or there but its nothing major.

All in all this game is really fun and very enjoyable. Definitely worth a rent and if you have the money and are looking for a quality RPG then i highly recommend buying it.

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Every RPG fan do yourself a favor and pick this up

posted by Sweedie (MOUNT PLEASANT, SC) Apr 24, 2012

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The witcher 2 is by all means an amazing RPG, it gives u all the RPG elements you love and it doesn't let you down on the combat either. They certainly did a great job giving you so much, and without making you feel like something was left out.

The PC version looks better, and the game is more of a challenge on the PC version, but the game is still challenging (if play on higher difficulty) but I see no problem with this, if you think your attack through with potions, grenades, and traps instead of just rushing up to ten enemies swinging your sword like a psycho you should be able to make it through.

This story is amazing, and it gets you interested in the prologue, and I stayed glued to the TV through all my 45 hours of gameplay. You're choices do matter a lot, and the impact of your choices doesn't show until later unlike other games.

Unlike ME, the witcher show's how romances should be done. This game is rated M, and it treats you like a mature gamer throughout you're experience, you don't just "romance" one person, you'll find yourself in bed with someone extremely often, and the scenes are more mature than in other games.

The combat is great, the lock on system might let you down some times, but this is one of the RPG's were they succeeded on combat without failing on the story (Kingdoms of Amalur). Side missions are very interesting and not repetitive at all, and they do impact your story a lot. The story can result in a wide variety of endings so the replay value is high here. I'd reccomend playing the tutorial to understand how it works.

- Great combat
- challenging gameplay
- Great story
- Looks amazing, especially on PC
- treats you like a mature gamer
- Choices DO matter (unlike ME3's ending)
- Wide variety of ways to approach enemies ( spells, traps, potions, sword etc)

- The lock on system can be a little bit off.
- No fast travel ( depends on how you see it)

Amazing 9,5 out of 10 toasts

Why are u still rea

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GF Rating

Very Good

The Game was Awesome

posted by SoulGamer (STAFFORD, TX) Sep 9, 2012

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8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

I never played witcher 1, but you don't have to in order to understand whats happening in part 2. The game is very fun and the story engaging. The characters are interesting, there twists and turns, and concludes very well. The gameplay is well done too. 1 heavy attack, 1 light attack, dodge, magic, and items (bombs, daggers, etc.) The problem I had with this game was the glitches and repetition. I experienced alot of glitches to where sound cuts off, npc are flapping around, and game freezes. The game can be repetitive because it's not like bayonetta where you can do all these awesome combos, it's just save combos over and over. Overall, the game was fun and awesome. Can't wait for part 3!

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