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What A Game

posted by djaidyn (BENTON, TN) Jan 23, 2012

Member since Dec 2006

I love this game. The character creation is a welcome addition to these type of RPGs. Your created character isn't the main character in the game which adds a little difference as well. The online is where I can't get enough of this game. It brings a sense of console type gaming with mmo style added as well. The battle system resembles FFXII, but I think it is better. The storyline is Level 5 amazing. They don't know how to make a bad story. This is my favorite RPG. I play Skyrim and always go back to this game for Traditional and old-school turn based gaming. The combo system is deep and allows for some awesome moves. This game has the original White Knight game as well, so just get this and enjoy.

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The verdict is in?!

posted by Persona_ (WATERBURY, CT) Jan 19, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

Look there is so many things i could write about this game but ill keep it simple. IM ADDICTED! i could easily play this game for weeks on end and i havent even been on line yet! i admit that i do love rpgs but im not a die hard fan, that is to say that i dont just like any rpg game.
but this one i think ill keep :) Thanks game fly!!!

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This is Horrid!

posted by Dreamis (RALEIGH, NC) Dec 28, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

Anyone whos a fan of White knight chronicles! as awesome as the first one was DO NOT!!!! BUY WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES 2 its strait bull---- steaming garbage and a w8st of time and money

there are no awesome cinematics like the first 1

You wont get a knight for ur created char till the end

you have to buy a code for online play now

the story is the same as the first 1 and so are the places u fight in allong with the monsters, even if u use ur old save file and start off at lvl 35 ur still weak to everything regardless. It might as well be named WKC 1 1/2

Lastly this game is just boring and dumb, heed my warning! i loved the first 1, but this 1 bores me to tears and frustrates to no end.

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