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GF Rating


Good game

posted by darkman678 (MURPHY, NC) Oct 12, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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The game speed is a little faster when you are attacking. Its easy till near the end its starts to get a little hard but that is a good thing. If you like the first one you will like this one. It does not tell you how to play this game but it does have a help menu. I would say to play the first one first and if you rent it from game fly it comes with the first one on the same disc. So think you can rent this game and play both and have about 100 hours in play time which is hard to find now of days. The story is good but they wanted to make this into 3 games but the sales were not good so they ended the story in the 2 one.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Had a great time, until I started the 2nd game.

posted by Sindiran (CENTERVILLE, IA) Oct 3, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

If you never played the first White Knight Chronicles then by all means give this game a chance. This has the remasterd version of the orginal and with the tweaks made the game very fun to play. They sped up the battle speed and the game just flows so much better now.

That being said the 2nd game in here is a total let down for me and im sure others will agree, granted the games story is still strong but where as in the first it unfolded at a nice pace in here it slows down greatly. Also the fact that for a 1/3rd of the game you have no contol of a knight yet you are expected to fight waves of large monsters which makes one point in the game a nightmare because not only do you have no knight, you also have to protect an npc that if they die its game over.

That and major screen tearing make the 2nd game a disapointment for me though I till still say you should least rent as the first game and the online are very good though to play online you need to pay 10 bucks which is a deal breaker for most. In the end love the music and graphics, once again level 5 does beautifuly in this department.

So give it a shot, esp if you never played the first and if you can manage the flaws of the 2nd you will have a decent story to enjoy.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Don't expect much.

posted by BURZUM (TROY, AL) May 23, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

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Unfortunately, I lost my save data from the first White Knight Chronicles, so I was unable to carry over the data to this one. Well, they include the first on the disc but I didn't want to play it again, so I just started with WKC II.
They start you at level 35, which seems fine. Another reviewer said it is hard to get through the game like this, but doable. I'd have to say it was not difficult because I completed the game without any problems, or bosses being too difficult.
The crummy part is that they cap your level at 65, so until you've reached a Guild Rank of 18, you remain unable to get your level above 65. There is more to do after beating the game, but unfortunately you will need to be at least level 80 to get through most of it.

I just called it a day after that, seeing as how I made it to GR 16...needing over a million points to get to Rank 17, and who knows how much until Rank 18...forget it. The missions give you little more than 25,000 points and I wasn't willing to play another 200+ hours just to level up finally.

The game visited most of the same levels and areas as in the original, even the Guild missions were the same. Unoriginal, uninspired sequel; glad I didn't buy it.
Worth the rent, I suppose....just not a title I'd be happy to own or brag about playing.

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