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standard FPS fare

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Sep 14, 2011

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This game is a pretty standard FPS. The main difference is the hack'n'slash feature with chain saws, axes, etc. The story is decent. The biggest shining star for me was the weapons had a sense of power and weight to them (not pop-gun feel). I think it is a good rent and possible buy.

1) fun weapons
2) hack/slash feature provides something different to FPS

1) still felt like been there/done that (got bored)
2) graphics are decent (not great)
3) not much variety in multiplayer modes or maps
4) it is by design, but feel like you are a mech when you move so slow

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And they shall know no fear

posted by Captainzilla (NEW RIVER, AZ) Sep 7, 2011

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Spacemarine is an engaging game that puts you right into the action as the most elite solider of the games background, a genetically enhanced super-solider with the best weapons available.

As far as atmosphere goes, the game firmly plants it’s the player within the gameworld.
The gameplay is unique to most shooters in that melee is a major component of the action. You pepper the enemies as they approach before you smash them or slash them with your equipped melee weapon. You can also stun the enemies when they are weakened either from gunfire or close combat allowing you to execute them which is how you restore your health. Now, this is unique as the game will require you to get into the fray to get your health back. Some may find that annoying, but once you’ve tasted close combat, you’ll find yourself charging into it with wanton abandon more often than not as the finishers are awesome to watch as you curb stomp your enemy to death. You also have a regenerating armor/shield which seems to be all the rage since halo. There are also several ranged weapons, that include a mine layer, sniper rifle, and several upgrades to the guns.

Multi-player so far is split between team frag-fest and a hold ground mission. Teams are 8 vs.8 and the gameplay is fast-paced and really fun. All the gameplay elements from the campaign mode are available right down to jump-pack stomping your bestfriend as he tries to hold the line. Players choose a class to play which is either tactical marine (a balanced character with a lot of options) assault marine (jump pack and close combat fighter), and Devastator (Range specialist with all the big guns). As you rank up, you gain access to lots of perks for the classes and access to better toys to torment your fellow players with as well as the ability to customize your avatar.

Co-op mode is also forthcoming.

All and all, if you want something new and inventive to play, check this out. You won’t be disappointed

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posted by aldams_gene2000 (JONESBORO, AR) Sep 8, 2011

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2 out of 7 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

This is a fair game. However, too basic and not enough depth in the gameplay or story line.

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