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Master Chief could beat Titus on his lunch break..

posted by Lyniaer (WILLIAMSPORT, PA) Sep 29, 2011

Member since Oct 2009

I'm a fan of 40k in the aspect of it's PnP role playing games like Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and just recently; Deathwatch. Playing a SpaceMarine - of the UltraMarine chapter, no less! - was an extremely appealing concept. However, it came out with high expectations and delivered on very little.

Pros -
-Graphics are not that bad for a game ported from the stapled astroturf - lawl.
-The story, the characters, the game itself, albeit quite cliched, stay true to the franchise.

Cons -
-Railroad plot and game play. We've come a long way from these types of "you can't pass here because this seemingly innocent looking barrel is in the way" and to see it suddenly return in such blatant disregard of an UltraMarine's capabilities... It's almost an insult.
-I played on normal and found myself getting my Astartes handed to me. I'm not a completely inept or unskilled gamer, either. If you're not being gang-banged by a mob of Orcs, you're being rained on by Titus-Seeking rockets.
-The AI is just as sad as the gameplay. They serve no purpose other than to annoy you and are about as useful as the Marines from Halo. Albeit they're invincible, can't hit squat and sometimes do nothing to defend you.
-Irregardless of how many power-ups you get; the enemies do not get progressively easier. For a Hack-n-Slash game...that simply shouldn't be.
-The flashiness of the Finishing moves leaves you so openly exposed, and the fact these moves are the only way to regain health outside of your rechargeable armor, that getting that health boost only recovers you from the damage you took while getting your health boost!! Kind of made the whole concept of the finishing moves pointless unless it's one lone enemy and good luck on that.
-The BigBads that show up among the horde are like Mini-Boss fights while being hammered on by his underling friends. It's an entirely one-sided fight and you can lose so easily...especially when there's two involved at the same time.

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GF Rating


nice visuals,clunky controls, repetitive fights

posted by ronheichel (DAVENPORT, FL) Sep 27, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

a fun game with a lot of flaws that make gameplay frustrating. it has a decent storyline that at least makes it a little worth going to the next level. in short i'm glad i played it but i will never play it again.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Time and plenty of Orks to kill

posted by dalion82 (HOUSTON, TX) Sep 26, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

Ok so, I went into this game looking for something to play until Gears arrived and it did it's job. Frequent weapons upgrades and plenty of killing makes this game a worth the rent and the story isn't to bad either. Of course playing the other games from this series helps but for a newbie I was very pleased.

Can anyone explain why all the Space Marines have forehead herpies? Everyone of em have those two spots on the right side and I couldn't help but to ask if that was a uniformed thing.

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