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Much better than you expect. Suprisingly great!

posted by Parabolee (MAPLEWOOD, NJ) May 1, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

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As someone who considers themselves to be a big fan of the stealth genre, I have to admit that it has gotten very stale of recent. The last Splinter Cell was pretty uninspiring and as great as MGS 4 was, the stealth sections were too few. Tenchu Z was an average update to a great game and the new Wii Tenchu just doesn't feel right (maybe the PSP version will work better).

So what hope could this lesser known game from a company known only for their previous titles titles Crashday, Survivor & 1968 Tunnel Rats. What, what and what? I hear you say. Yes Replay Studious have yet to prove themselves in the slightest. So it would responsible to expect this game to along the same lines of quality as Vampire Rain. And even though the main character, storyline and design all appealed to me, I went into playing Velvet Assassin with pretty low expectations.

Well, those expectations were blown out of the water. What I was very surprised to find started with a very intriguing and well acted intro, which did a great job of drawing me into the narrative. Then the game started and I found a very nicely polished 3rd person stealth-em-up with rock solid controls, very nice stylised graphics and well designed levels!

Make no mistake about it, if you have a soft spot (like myself) for sexy secret agent women, and stealth style gameplay you will be very happy with what Velvet Assassin has to offer.

Sure it's not the most original game ever released but it does have some cool idea's (a morphine shot ability that allows you to move around unseen in a dream state. It's cooler than it sounds), and most importantly it does everything it tries in a very clean and solid manner. Surprisingly well thought out level design and overall high level of polish.

It won't be for everyone, and some will hate it's slow pace (this is a stealth game people). But I for one strongly recommend this fine game to anyone with an interest in this style of game!

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posted by IamXenu (BILLINGS, MO) May 27, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Yeah....well...uh....This game sucked. I immediately knew this was going to be bad when I saw that the intro cinematic was interspersed with cheesy dialogue and in-game video clips. The gameplay feels dated, as do the visuals. My friend and I felt like we were being transported back to the development stages of the first Splinter Cell. Animation was non-existant. Rather than creating an animation for opening doors, you either a.) simply stand next to then while they open, or b.) the screen blacks out and you just pop up on the other side. Blood sprays from gunplay is also of very poor quality. My friend shot one of the SS in the head and it took about a half second for the blood to spray and the soldier to fall. ON TOP of all that, the music is horrible and reminiscent of cliche stealth tunes from the games of yore (think PDZ and the last-gen Bond games). However, if none of this seems to bother you, then by all means, go ahead and select "RENT IT", but somehow I think you'll be ashamed that your 360 was tainted with this...thing.

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Splinter Cell It Is Not

posted by AoWdemon (BLUE SPRINGS, MO) May 4, 2009

Member since Jun 2007

4 out of 8 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

As a fan of the stealth genre, specifically Splinter Cell, I rented this game with an open mind. I thought "This can't be as bad as they say it is." Spy in World War 2 sounds like a good game right? Well this game unfortunately does not measure up to the god of stealth games.

Although I did not expect it to beat Splinter Cell I expected it to try to at least be a fairly good game. I began the first level, performed the familiar "watch patrol movement for enemies, and attack when they are alone" that all stealth games offer. Then the bad things about this horrendous game began to show themselves. The only good thing I can note in this game is the audio quality. So now that we have that out of the way, on too the bad things...

This game's stealth system is clunky at best, and for a game where you play as a spy in WW2 I expected much more from this game, sometimes enemies see you when the stealth indicator says you are hidden, for some odd reason you can only stab people from directly behind them...UNLESS you take some Morphine conveniently placed in the levels where everything becomes foggy and you run around in your negligee, now magically able to stab enemies from all angles. Random placement of obstacles was also an odd issue, there would be glass round the ground in a small hallway where there was no glass anywhere near that area. One of the most annoying things I found is that you have to sit and listen to really long conversations sometimes just to move on...for example in the second level you don a gas mask and enter a room filled with poison gas, before you can do anything you have to sit unless to a 5 min. conversation where one german constantly accuses the other of stealing his chocolate.

Overall I think this game was a real waste of a rental


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