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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


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Gameplay Controls

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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Directional Button
Down, Left/Right = Weapon Select. Up = Reload.
Left Analog Stick
Walk. Run. Swim. Up = Climb.
Right Analog Stick
Camera Rotate. Pan.
X Button
Jump. Pull Up from Ledge.
Square Button
Melee Combat. Stealth Kill (After Sneaking Up Behind Enemy).
Triangle Button
Pause During Cinematic. Interact. Pick Up.
Circle Button
Take Cover Behind Object. Roll (While Moving). Drop Down and Grab Ledge.
L2 Button
Get Visual Hint for Goal
L3 Button
Adjust Aiming Camera Between Left and Right Shoulder
R1 Button
Fire Weapon. Blind Fire (When Taking Cover).
R2 Button
R3 Button
Reset Camera
Start Button
Pause During Cinematic. Pause Menu.
Select Button
Access Diary. Access Map.
Look Mode
Lean Out and Fire (When Taking Cover)
Manual Aim
Fast, Furious Combo
Brutal Combo (With Timing)
Gunslinger Combo
Steel Fist Combo
Aim Grenade
Throw Grenade
Balance/Lean Back