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Nathan Drake's adventure continues...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Oct 16, 2009

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Uncharted, is once again probably the best visual stunning games you will see on the Playstation3. Continuing into another adventure with a excellent storyboard as like the first, "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune".
For those who are new to the title, Uncharted2 is a traversing style gameplay(climbing around obstacles), with a Metal Gear Solid online multiplayer experience, and this game is what Resident evil5 should have been with the control elements of the character.

You play as Nathan Drake, a adventurer, a modern Indiana Jones, or better displayed as a Historical artifact thief going to places where he is usually trespassing. In this adventure, Drake is found by a old buddy, given a job that is to good to be true. Appearing as a easy job, Drake accepts it only to find himself mixed up into a adventure that risks his life once again.

Naughty Dog knows the Playstation 3's capabilities. Always creating lush foliage, vibrant in excellent depth, that makes you feel like your really exploring a remote isolated area. This time you explore marsh lands, urban districts, and other well detailed areas. They kept most of the controls the same, but now you can throw a grenade while aiming at the same time. The AI is still very hostile, but the soldiers you run into are more aware of their surroundings unlike the less tactical foes you encounter.

I wasn't too excited with the multiplayer; third person tactical games never really entertained me but being able to climb around is still really cool. All the multiplayer is team based Co-op as like the recent Socom game; which I also didn't like because Free For All/Deathmatch is what I have always favored in most online games. The online levels also are not very big, which makes the sniper rifle very pointless in the game, unless you have a team that is working together.

Other then that, the game is very well rounded. Great story, great graphics, great game elements. To eliminate the waxy textures, try adjusting the brightness.

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Every PS3 Owner MUST Own Uncharted 2.

posted by EagleEyez (ROSWELL, NM) Oct 31, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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If anyone reading this is looking toward buying one game right now, it has to be this one. The single player in itself is worth 60$, but the multiplayer just makes it one of the best games ever, if not THE best. The story mode is very well thought out and surprisingly never gets boring or repetitive, unlike most other games out there and should take around 10-12 hours to complete. It literally feels like you're submersed in a never-ending action/adventure movie as you play through the single player, with tons of surprises. The multiplayer will keep you busy until Uncharted 3 comes out, not even kidding. It offers 2 co-op modes (an objective-based mode and a gears of war-esque survival mode) along with a wide variety of competitive modes. One thing i really love about this game though is the environments..Everything is just visually breathtaking. It's seriously not even a rental, just buy it. There's no way you wont enjoy this game thoroughly.
I usually don't post reviews but I felt as though this game deserved it. I'll break it down the best I can:

GRAPHICS -- 10/10
This is easily one of the best looking games you'll see these days. It will blow your mind.

SOUND -- 10/10
The voice acting is the best i've ever heard. it's so believable and really immerses you in the storyline. The sounds of the guns and everything is top-notch too.

GAMEPLAY -- 9.5/10
The gameplay is amazing, however my only complaint is that it doesnt have split-screen so i can play with my friends..haha

REPLAY VALUE -- 9.0/10
Like i said above, you'll be spinning this thing in your PS3 for months if not years thanks to the amazing multiplayer it has to offer. The only reason i don't give this a 10 is because nothing in the world will keep you busy forever.

My PSN is xX-EagleEyez-Xx
Hit me up and we'll play any time.

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Diamond standard

posted by Whiskey (DIAMOND BAR, CA) Oct 20, 2009

Member since Oct 2006

14 out of 20 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

If only all games were this polished.

I won't duplicate what everyone has said, but you really have to sit down and play through this game from start to finish to truly appreciate what a memorable single player experience this is... little bits of gameplay here and there don't do it justice. The story progression, build-up and climax is artful. I've played a multitude of games over the past 20+ years, and only a few have been truly memorable. This is one of them.

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