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Twisted Metal: A mixed Package

posted by Psychobillynigh (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Mar 10, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

Note this is only for the Single Player as I have yet to play multiplayer.

I've been a huge Twisted Metal fan since me and my Dad used to play Co-Op on TM2 back in the day. And I've been super excited and while this is a great edition, I do have some gripes.

1. The stages: Big, awesome and fully destructible with nice little traps and such in some of them.
2. Extra game play: Some nice changes to classic death match... except... one...
3. Cars: While I'll miss Twister and Thumper the cars don't dissappoint on both new and returning cars.
4. Soundtrack: For some reason... White Zombie, Sammy Hagar and NWA mix well in this.
5. Story: Even with just 3 characters the story is pretty decent and the cutscenes are really well done and has hints of Slasher Movies mixed with Twilight Zone. Also: I won't try to spoil anything, be sure to see the Mid-Movie for Mr. Grimm and you'll see loads of little references to past TM games and even a certain god killer
6. Bosses: Only 3 bosses, but their still massive, long and awesome.

1. Sound: Sometimes the soundtrack skips which can be distracting and the custom soundtrack only works on certain files which that's only minor.
2. The... freaking... races: Now while I love juggernaut dm, cage death match and such... WHY ON EARTH DID THEY PUT THESE UNGODLY RACES IN THIS GAME! Seriously this is Twisted Metal... not Full Auto. Now while you can get through the first race with only one thought of committing homicide, the second and third races will make you want to rage, throw your controller and drop the f bomb a couple of times.

Over all: This is a great game if you're a Twisted Metal fan. And Despite the spawn of sata- er I mean the races you'll still find something to like in this title. Give it a shot.

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6.6? really?

posted by thelumleys08 (DURHAM, NC) Mar 9, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

you guys have bumped your heads

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Loved It, But not balanced

posted by Solidus007 (WESTBURY, NY) Mar 7, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

I am not new to the Twisted Metal franchise so I knew what to expect. There are some pleasant surprises. The arenas, unfortunately, are limited and not all that varied or creative, which is what I would have hoped for in this implementation of TM. There are also aspects of the game that simply are not balanced. I got as far as the Ghost Town with two Juggernaut 2.0's after the Iron Maiden boss. Hmm... seems like the game is rigged (or I'm just a cry baby, "waaaaaa").

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