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Very Good

Skeptical at first but I liked it alot

posted by fader (ARCADIA, CA) Jun 4, 2012

Member since May 2011

I am a big fan of the Ghost Recon games. I played and finished both of the PC platform games. As I played this game the missions got better and better and the final mission is just epic. I did like on the PC version where you had more control of your team but the AI for your team was pretty good in this version. Good to great game overall.

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GF Rating


Solid Edition to Franchise!

posted by FPSVET85 (DAYTON, OH) Jun 3, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

First off, I am baffled by the people who say this game has terrible graphics & framerate tearing. It looks real pretty with my Samsung 1080p LED. I would say better visually than BF3. The controls & gunplay are up to par, giving u a 3rd or FPS perspective which is unique. The Gunsmith has to be the star of this game tho! You can customize your guns anyway possible. But you have to really work to earn those credits. This game isn't for the CoD run & gun fools. You must be patient & have tactical intelligence. The campain is solid & very challenging on Veteran & takes about 12hrs. The Multiplayer is where this game truely shines! Not as many people have this game on PS3 yet, but that doesn't hinder you from finding good matches. My only real complaint is the connection & or servers still need work. But have vastly improved from the Beta Version. This game is a must buy for Veteran Shooters. This is by far the best Ghost title in Tom Clancy's coveted franchise! Renters beware $9.99 U-Pass Required

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Nice mix of stealth,action make for a fun shooter

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jun 1, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

"Ghost Recon: Future Soldier", the latest in a series of Tom Clancy's squad based shooters, is a well done 3PS that does of fine job of mixing both stealth and all out action. The game does a nice job of keeping things tense throughout, and forces players to think and plan out their next move. COD-style of run and gun will get you killed quickly more often than not. Your three squad mates act well on their own, dispatching targets and providing a dose of first aid should you require it. The ability to synch shots is highly satisfying, where up to 4 targets can be marked for a simultaneous takedown. Early on this can clear an area but later in the game, you'll be forced to deal with larger squads, necessitating more care in picking your targets. The cover system works fairly well and rarely fails you. The AI of both allies and enemies is well done, and leads to some tense firefights. Voice acting is quite good, and the story, while not outstanding, is one of the better ones you'll find in recent shooters. The ending may seem abrupt, but it's also satisfying. The campaign has a nice length- the 12 missions will take you anywhere from 10-12 hours to complete one playthrough. Challenges offer some incentive to revisit the campaign. The Guerrilla mode is basically a survival mode that can be played solo, though you'll have a tough time lasting long alone. There's multiplayer for those who enjoy it as well, but this review is just of the single player campaign, as I generally don't play online. The graphics are nicely done, with plenty of detail, and the Ghosts are well animated. The guns sound great, and get pinned and the camera will shake under heavy fire. Cover can be destroyed, so keeping a cool head under fire and in motion will help you survive. There are a few on rails segments where you man a gun aboard a helicopter or truck, and fun as they are, it's the stealth segments that really shine here. If you enjoy shooters, this game is well worth your time.

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