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COD Fanboys, Keep Hating....

posted by Socom_Vet (CLOVER, SC) May 28, 2012

Member since May 2012

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First off this is a good game dispite the fact that some COD fanboys are giving it a bad rep. For those few that are complaining about the graphics, I suggest that you consider upgrading to a high quality HDTV, because this game looks great on my 50 inch plasma. This game takes players around the globe, from stealthfully infiltrating deep behind enemy lines in various 3rd world countries to rescue VIPs to an all out assault in Moscow, Russia. All in an attempt to avenge the deaths of another ghost team. The multiplayer aspect is also great, only a run & gun COD player would dislike the online, but if using tactical teamwork to take down the enemy and complete objectives is your thing, this game is definitly for you. The thing I like most about this game is the gunsmith, which no other shooter has come close to matching the amount of attachments or the different combinations that can be assembled. Weapons can be modified to match any and every combat situation from CQB, to medium and long range engagments. A_P owns.... Get sum!!!!

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Very Good

Out of the shadows? You are a shadow

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) May 25, 2012

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Member since Sep 2010

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Ghost Recon is one of my favorite gaming experiences since the first on the original xbox. I loved the stealth, the ability too coordinate and destroy the enemy. I also loved the freedom of movement the first games allowed, something GRFS is severely lacking.

The campaign was enjoyable but linear in most parts with waypoints guiding you by the hands. I hate that IMO. Developers as of late are either getting lazy, or are afraid they will not sell for bug bucks if they make things too difficult. As a first generation gamer, this is no good for me. I played my first playthrough by myself on the hardest difficulty and found out how cheap the game could get from enemies glued right on you even though all three of your squad mates are in front you shooting at the bad guys to getting shot behind solid cover. A cheap way too make a game "difficult" which on hardest difficulty, was not that hard at all. Not having matchmaking for coop campaign either is a real bummer. Not all of my friends bought this game and that is all you have a choice for too invite. Unacceptable.

What makes GRFS a real gem is the MP and Weapon Customization. Online PvP play is a lot of fun and a great challenge when pitted against clans who PTFO. The modes stand out against anything that has been released in the last couple of years and will keep GRFS going strong for a long time.

The voice acting was superb, the graphics are good, and gameplay is smooth. I personally play GR for the campaign, and not being too play with randoms on it is no good. The MP however will keep me happy for a while. I have mixed feelings about the bugs, they really don't hinder your experience at all, but are very noticeable.

All in all, GRFS is a solid game. The future tech and gadgets are a blast too experiment with and having the ability too customize weapons and load outs changes your game experience multiple ways and gives you variety. The ending confused me, so we will see about any "future" installments.

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Above Average

broken annoying. Enjoy long cut scenes! Cant SKIP!

posted by konotori (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jun 16, 2012

Member since Dec 2006

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I am going to make this short and sweet. This review goes for both Ghost Recon and Max Payne 3. Unlike all the paid reviews on here that cloud judgement of the everyday player. There is no way this game should have got a rating of 7 or higher.

The game is broken in several ways. Games these days need to flow like Gears, Mass Effect, COD even. The patience of todays gamers have very little attention spans. The game may have been descent but you lost me on the long scenes. THE CHOICE TO SKIP SCENES BY THE PLAYER SHOULD NEVER BE LEFT OUT. F%$ING ANNOYING GAME. I rarely send back a game unfinished, but add this and Max Payne 3 to the list. Because they both suffer the same glitches.

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