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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game....but some bugs

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jun 3, 2012

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This is a great blend of shooting, stealth, and tactical gaming. I enjoyed this game as much as any in recent memory. Since it is designed for tactical gameplay you will die if you don't stay in cover and use the high tech gear. The game is definitely not easy and the 12 campaign missions took me about 10 or so hours to complete on veteran (middle difficulty).

I played guerrila mode and it is definitely challenging and much better with friends than going alone. You will die....

The problem right now is the multiplayer. I bought the game so I've got the online pass. Unfortunately the community of gamers is already small and there are plenty of bugs. Things like taking for ever to deploy, shooting people who don't die, and even my PS3 hard freezing.

So I'd say rent for now and maybe purchase once they clear out the bugs. I think the game will have a dedicated, but relatively small community. Which is a shame because this game is every bit as good as COD (and I'm a fan, not hater of that series).

1) nice graphics (few texture & framerate issues)
2) good controls/camera as far as 3rd person goes
3) exhilarating gameplay (always on edge)
4) the gunsmith system is kind of neat (lot of custom)

1) really my only complaint is that the game has some bugs in the campaign (NPG getting stuck where you have to regroup) & multiplayer seems very buggy at the moment.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Long Awaited Refreshment

posted by OscarQ (CUTLER BAY, FL) May 21, 2012

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I have not played the full game yet, but I have done my research and have played the beta and I have plenty to say about this game just from that knowledge.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier, first off has an AMAZING weapon customization system. With no doubt, the best yet. You can alter grips, stocks, magazines, barrles, underbarells, sights, and more. No game has ever given that much accessibility to a weapon. And there must be nearly a hundred different things to put on your weapon across those parts. And the graphic detail of the weapon is outstanding. Not to mention, there is a character appearance customization system along with that, and probably very good in itself.

The graphics overall, like most games these days, are fantastic and up to par with any other shooter out there. Sound effects are also excellent.

The game, as you probably know, features a campaign, coop, and multiplayer. I believe the coop is playing the campaign with others. From what I've seen, the campaign is awesome. With all those fancy gadgets that emphasize "Ghost" and "Recon", theres a ton of neat moments to be had. The multiplayer from what I've seen and played is fantastic. Very fluid play, good maps, interesting game modes, and it takes about 2 to 4 shots usually to kill someone. And 1 or 2 with a sniper.

In game, you can switch your shoulder view left and right so you can tactfully come around corners and be able to see. You can crouch, prone, and stand. Online, if you stay still with any class, your cloak will activate and you'll become mostly invisible, however if you move or shoot, the cloak will be disabled. I believe you can upgrade the ability for the Recon/Sniper class. So thanks to that, and the contents of the maps, stealth can play a major role in the game, as well as caution.

Ghost Recon is extremely refreshing and makes a great, long awaited alternative to COD. I personally can't wait to get my hands on the full game. See ya Future Soldiers out there!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not as good as I thought, but solid

posted by jsmooth2010 (TYLER, TX) Jun 5, 2012

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Seeing this at E3 last year, it looked amazing and like it could be one of the best games this year...but no. It's ghost recon though, and like the last 2 games, it's really cool. There is a lot of sneaking around in the game, but action sequences as well. I also used the 3d which adds a nice element, nothing crazy though. I really enjoyed this game. It's also like a split 3rd person/1st person when you shoot. The online was ok, renting it, you max out at level 5, which took about 20 minutes haha but still cool to try it out, anyway I recommend this game to anyone who wants a good shooter.

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