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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


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Very Good

What's not to like....

posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) May 29, 2012

Member since Jul 2006

Finally a Tom Clancy game you can sink your teeth into. I found all the other Clancy games to be a bore, but this game is much much better than previous games.
The graphics are pretty good, its a TPS which i love and the gameplay is very good. The missions on the story line are pretty good thus far. I found a few bugs but thats to be expected.
Overall this game got an 8, it would have gotten a 9 if there were more blood and gore. I like my war like games to have lots of blood and gore.
The camo you get that basically hides you if you kneeling down is pretty sweet. I love the magnetic vision where you can see through sand storms and around cover. Any edge you can get in thi game is much appriecated.
ts definetly worth a rent, a possibly purchase if the price is right too.

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MY REVIEW 4 Ghost Recon :Future Soldier

posted by twitch36 (CANDLER, NC) May 24, 2012

Member since May 2012

so far i love tha game evrything is gucci.... but i hate the fact you have 2 pay 2 play online...why do they do this? plus the game feels a little choppy sometimes,but its nothing 2 noticable. GAMEPLAY i give it a 10, GRAPHICS i give it a 8.5, the STORYLINE is tipacle 4 a millitary shooter but its very fun and the change of pace is refreshing so i give the CAMPAIN a 8. All around its a great game i give it a 9.2 overall....but if you dont buy it bran new in tha store and get the code,its gonna cost u 800 M.P. 2 play online. which sucks but even if your renting the game its WORTH IT.

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Awesome game!

posted by Invisanix (MANCHESTER, KY) May 24, 2012

Member since May 2012

This game is a must rent, and a very good chance for a solid buy, considering I took the plunge and spent the 800 MS points to get the FULL online experience. It was worth it. Two level 10's and a level 3 later... All I have is praise and good things to say about the Multiplayer.

I honestly am not a big singleplayer fan so I have not got into it yet, yes I learn the hard way but once I got it, I am tuned in. The curve from say CoD, to BF3, to GR:FS is not really that hard, grenades and such work a bit different sorta SOCOMish but still awesome.

If you want a good shooter for the summer, look no further than GR:FS.

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