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Not your father's xcom!

posted by vinceram (SPRINGFIELD, PA) Mar 22, 2014

Member since Aug 2005

Although unlike the XCOM we know and love, this game was very satisfying in many aspects. the first person interface along with the battle management controls offer a very Mass Effectesque feel.

My only gripe is the feeling of being rushed towards the main event. I would have preferred more side missions. Additionally, the publisher seems to have had a difficult time deciding when, where and how the game should've ended.

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XCOM. The Bureau.

posted by hevinlyreign (SPOKANE, WA) Jan 31, 2014

Member since May 2012

I am not sure where to start on this game. For it being released in 2013, and by 2K, it was pretty disappointing. The graphics were mediocre, the sound was mediocre, the story was predictable. The game play wasn't bad, but wasn't good. It is really neat that you can have authority over squad mates. You can make 8 agents, 2 of each type, and have the opportunity to get even more agents. You can create agents to play to your style. I found I only used the same two agents then entire game. I didn't think the game was difficult or challenging in any way to need to swap out agents, which you can in the middle of every mission. Each agent can get to level 5, which is accomplished very easily. They get new abilities, but there should have been even more room for you, and your agents to improve. I found it disappointing that when leveling up, I was not looking forward to choosing a new ability. You only get to choose between two different abilities when you level up, and once you chose one, you CANNOT chose the other one, ever! The developers could have simply made it so you get to spend a point on ANY of the unlocked skills, so if you wanted two level three skills, you could. It was fun to play in the 50s, and with the aliens was cool. The story wasn't compelling and the characters were weakly written. There is no connection between the main character or any side/story character. Fun for a rent, not so much for a $60 game.

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GF Rating

Very Good

This Is A Great Game

posted by djaidyn (BENTON, TN) Jan 21, 2014

Member since Dec 2006

I honestly can't figure out why this isn't as highly rated as Mass Effect. It's almost the exact same game. If you set Mass Effect in the 40's-50's and made it super campy it would be this game. I had a blast with it until the very end. The part I thought should have been the ending wasn't, and it kept going a little too long, but I pushed through though and was very satisfied. I loved this game as much as Mass Effect so I'm rating it the same.

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