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The Amazing Spider-Man


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posted by kalfon97 (CHANDLER, AZ) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

This is the stuff!!!!!! If you love batman arkham series, then you'll love this game

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It Was Okay

posted by Flash0TK (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 16, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

Aside from webbing the sky, and swing in absurdly high and soaring across buildings in one go, the game was actually okay. It is no Arkham Asylum or Arkham City when it comes to combat because the same animations are used repeatedly, making game play repetitive. I cannot count how many times I have been hit because I couldn't follow the spider-sense on spider Spiderman's head. Unlike in the Batman video games, the alert symbol of an enemy attack appears on the NPC's head, but in this case, like in all Spiderman games, it appears on his. Its only difficult to spot when Spiderman is performing some kind of acrobatic move during a fight.

As for Spidey's webbing abilities, they kinda suck. Unlike previous Spiderman games, he doesn't have an array of web attacks. Instead, you have to press circle really fast for him to shoot webbing rapidly. Webbing is only really useful against those little robot spider things. I hate ventilation fans in this game!! I also don't like how the cross-hair didn't decide where you shot webs, instead you had to rely on which direction Spidey was facing.

Just like everyone else said, the side missions are very repetitive and tedious. Especially when you have to go into an Oscorp facility and stealth kill of the guys with guns. Well, I played on the Super Hero Setting. Speaking of combat, the boss battles against the giant Rat, Iguana, Piranha, Scorpion and Rhino felt very similar. All except for the Rhino fight required the same basic strategy: punch, kick, "multiple dodges," punch kick, web rush. It was very boring. Fighting the giant robots was fun, except for the final giant scorpion robot, it sucked. Worth the rent, not the buy. Enjoy!

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Very Good

the amazing spiderman

posted by mykul (NORTH PORT, FL) Nov 16, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

killer graphics!!!
a little short story tho.

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