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sweet game

posted by gerardoeva001 (OGDEN, UT) Jul 3, 2012

Member since May 2012

8 out of 12 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I really like this game the story is good and the trophies are so easy (I'm a platinum hunter) but after a while it gets boring because you do the same thing over and over again, I personally wouldn't buy this game because i already did everything you can in the game other than that great game.

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posted by kbodin1 (LYNN, MA) Jul 9, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Jul 2006

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I was totally surprised just how good this game was. I was expecting it to suck like the Captain America and Green Lantern games. I have been playing for about 8 hours now and the only thing i am not a fan of is the crime missions being exactly the same. Other then that i LOVE this game.
The graphics are awesome and i love that you can free roam in the city and not have to follow the story lines all the time.
The gameplay is smooth and i found a few glitches when i would land on top of a building and i would look down and the city landscape would load kinda slowly. But every game has flaws and i can overlook these because the game is fun to play.
I will buy this game once the price comes down.
Rent this game, you wont be disappionted

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Not quite amazing but still a lot of fun

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jul 6, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

7 out of 11 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Much like the movie that its story serves an epilogue to, "The Amazing Spider-man" does plenty right, and yet falls just short of being the amazing game it could have been. The story picks up not long after the movie ends, so if you want to avoid spoilers (and there are some major ones at the beginning of the game) see the movie first. The story is decently written, and while the movie cast doesn't appear (save for a cameo from everyone's fave Stan Lee) the voice cast for the game is very good. The dialogue is nicely done, varying between some more serious moments to Spidey's trademark quips. The lines do repeat during the game's many side missions, but as long as you space those out they're not too annoying. There are occasional camera/control issues, but they don't detract from the overall fun. Combat is Arkham City inspired, and while not quite as good it still works decently. Web slinging through the city is easily accomplished by holding the R2 button, and you can pinpoint specific locations by using the web rush feature. Once you get a hang of the mechanics, moving around Manhattan is both a breeze and a lot of fun, making you truly feel like Spider-man. Boss fights are okay, and usually consist of stages until you finally defeat the boss. They are a bit repetitive and mostly not too much of a challenge, but some fights through the city offer a sense of motion which makes them more exciting than they really are. Your side missions are varied, but even they begin to repeat. Space them out between the story's 12 chapters and they're not too bad. There is a scene after the credits and a 13th chapter in which you can tie up any side missions and continue collecting. The most notable collectibles are the 700 comic book pages found scattered across the city, enabling you to read full comics connected to the game's story. It can take anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete the story mode, but there's plenty to do after. A buy if you're a fan, a good rental for others.

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