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hey, pretty fun

posted by youknow (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Oct 13, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

18 out of 21 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

i can barely tolerate ds games in general and feel games in general have a long way to go, so i'm an idiosyncratic guide for you, but i do like the hope of magic in games (the magic of them, not necessarily in them, though that too!) and certainly super scribblenauts plays with that hope. i did not like the 1st scribblenauts with its fussy weird physics platforming that mostly seemed to waste its super clever create anything keyboard. but this one, this one is actually fun, much more of the wide open puzzle game the first one should have been, and the adjectives are kind of freeing. sure, sometimes you come up with a solution that should've worked and sometimes the rules seem a little particular, but sometimes you can draw way outside the lines and solve a puzzle anyway. that in itself is a small revolution in the history of adventure gaming. if it makes things occasionally insanely easy, well, good! challenge is the single most obsessed over and slavishly obeyed element in gaming and i am bored of it. i like some structure that i can tool around in and super scribblenauts is happily all over the place while maintaining its array of goals. it is actually stunning to see this game showing as available now 2 days after its release, but then i am pretty shocked to find i think this game is actually a better one than the just okay enslaved or castlevania, which i so looked forward to. sometimes, just when you are finally sure graphics are nearly everything, well, sometimes, rarely, amazingly, they aren't! really, check this thing out, it's a charming surprise.

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Best game ever....for the DS

posted by gameking26 (LIGONIER, PA) Jan 17, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

Wow. I got the first Scribblenauts of this game and I loved it. When I heard they were coming out with a new one I was so excited. Then once I got it I relised the had fixed the controls and made it more clear that you could'nt swear (and I was like what the 'censor'). You won't get bored of this game at any time. The world is you canvas. Only one minor flaw; it's for the DS. Now belive me I have nothing against the DS. Though it could do so much better on the Wii or Xbox 360 (Yes, fanboys I know Xbox 360 is not a Nintendo product.). Just graphic wise. I bet the could make a cool 3D platformer game.

Signed, Andy Nomus. Sorry about the 'censor'

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Fun but limiting

posted by peppers (APOPKA, FL) Feb 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

According to the advertisement of this game, your imagination is the limit. That is "kinda" true. Originally I thought you could draw items into the game to interact with, but what you actually do is type the names of objects with adjectives into a notepad and it puts it into the game for you.

I rate this a 7 because it kept me entertained for at least 3 or 4 hours.

It only gets a 7, though, because I could not complete some levels because I could not figure out "what the game wanted". For example, one level wants you to create professors for a university. The hints are "Health, Language, Technology, Math, and Science Departments". But if you put "Latin Teacher", "Spanish Teacher" or "German Teacher", the game will not accept it because it thinks you are being racist. If you put language teacher, the game will also not accept it. If you put Spaniard, the game will not accept it. Health teacher or Professor of Health is not accepted, but if you put nutritionist, it's ok.

In the snowman creating machine, you cannot put a pipe, because the game doesn't want children to associate it with smoking. That's good I guess, but everyone knows Frosty the Snowman had a pipe, and that's a kid's movie.

If you need to get a knight across the water, and you create a submarine, the knight will not get into the submarine because the AI is not good enough and the submarine will sit there empty.

Because of the limitations I got frustrated with the game.

If you rent this game for your kids, make sure their spelling is really good, because the gameplay is typing in words.

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