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Above Average

my bad!

posted by bobbyis666 (ROSMAN, NC) Oct 22, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

i was under the impression that old sonic levels are played like old sonic and new sonic was like the dreamcast era and forward sonic. i was wrong! theyre both "classic" platforming, new sonic just has different moves (till 1/3 into the game when old sonic gets targeting and pretty much becomes exactly like the other version) - the levels rule, its cool that the old sonic games maintain their fun (old sonics levels are exactly like the classics) - - the graphics are good i was just thinking this is like two games in one when really its just two different looking sonics doing pretty much the same thing.

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GF Rating

Above Average

If you liked Sonic Generations...

posted by TheSonicgamer (MIAMI, FL) May 5, 2014

Member since Sep 2012

This game is a good, though not great, addition.

The Pros
Beautiful graphics with consistent frame rate.

The graphics aren't great if you stand around and really examine them, but when you're whizzing by them at super sonic speeds, Sonic Generations can look really good. The frame rate doesn't drop when you're speeding past 100 things at once, and all the stages pay homage to the original stages from previous games. You'll recognize bumpers from Casino Night zone, bouncing mushrooms and levys from Mushroom Hill Zone.

Gameplay is simple, but fun.

The controls aren't drastically different then the console version. Run, jump, boost. Some features, like being able to customize both Sonic's with abilities and doing midair tricks to fill up the boost gauge are completely absent. That being said, playing as Classic Sonic will still feel like playing on the Sega Genesis, and nostalgia abounds. Playing as Modern Sonic is still a roller coaster ride where you feel the thrill of boosting through the stages at supersonic speeds.


Extremely short

I beat this game in a day. What I didn't like was that while there were three stages in the Genesis era, there were only two for the Dreamcast and Modern eras. It felt as if they weren't really putting a lot into this game, which is understandable, given this game was released shortly after the 3DS was launched. What made the game feel even more rushed was that the rival bosses, Metal Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, each had their battles on a stage in their era, rather then their own stage like in the console versions.

Missions feel useless

I did NOT feel like doing any of the missions the game unlocked as I played them, and neither did the game give me any incentive to. The replay value of this game, like the console version, comes from wanting to master each stage and get as high of a score as possible on each of them, rather then doing these missions.

Final Verdict

Bad game to buy, but a good game to

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GF Rating

Very Good

Maybe not the best, but still a favorite :)

posted by Kittynic526 (VINELAND, NJ) Nov 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

I thought the game was pretty good considering it was rushed. Dimps was given a really short time to make this game and probs could've been better if given more time. You still play as classic and modern sonic, and run around entirely new levels. I really enjoyed the updated soundtrack and visuals of the game, it gave me that blast from the past I was looking for. As you go along with the game you unlock new abilty's for both classic and modern sonic, plus missions you can do when your bored playing the actual game or if you already beaten the game and want to find something else to do when you don't want to keep replaying the levels. Let's talk about the gameplay. Classic sonic plays just like he has in the older games, he spin-dashes, jumps the same, and runs like he has in the olders games but could've been faster. Modern sonic also has 2d levels, expect he's basically boost to win along with homing attacking, jumping from time to time, sliding, and stomping. This style of gameplay can be very slippery at times, and could cause a cheap death from there and there. I really enjoyed how the boss fights has their own type of difficulty, but some can be to easy, or to hard and especially the time eater boss at the end of the game. I really hated the gimick of the hands coming right in front of your camera and you had to use your speed to dodge it. It got fustrating, but I eventually beat it. Overall the game has descent visuals, good gameplay, and nice boss fights. The game can have slippery controls, hard boss fights, and awkward stage design when playing for the first time. The game is a must buy if your that hard-core sonic fan who wants to play a descent handheld. Good job Dimps. :)

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