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posted by jhogan55 (LISLE, IL) Feb 23, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

wow i would expect more than a 2 hour campaign and the fact of 2 sonics didnt add to the game

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Game was ok at first...

posted by Spyder2k5 (LAMAR, MO) Feb 6, 2012

Member since Jul 2010

So upon first playing it was fun, and fast paced, after a few levels you find the controls are a bit too loose, and only go the way they want you to, even if that is off a cliff. You press left, it goes right, or over corrects itself. Level design was horrid in most places with badly placed enemies and no prompts of when to jump, or where to go, so you race along, and fall off, or land on an enemy and die. My favorite death is attacking one of them and still getting hurt and losing all my rings. Great times, great times. If you are looking to have fun for about an hour or two, get this, otherwise just move along, this game has great graphics, and sense of speed, but not much else.

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Sonic Generations

posted by kjason (STILLWATER, OK) Jan 29, 2012

Member since Mar 2008

Sonic generations is finally a game sonic fans around the globe can be proud to own.

Sonic Generations gets rid of all the annoying pieces that got in the way of what we loved about our favorite sonic games. Namely going really really fast, and looking really really cool doing it.

The game plays in 2 dimensional, and 3 dimensional modes.

The 2D mode rocks, because it brings back what we loved in the sega genesis days, really tough and technical gameplay that requires you to be able to stop, turn and go on a dime. It's like being in Sonic's playground With a bajillion different routes leading to all kinds of unlockable goodies. You'll easily find yourself playing each stage over and over again, wanting to find out where that turn would've taken you, or even if some jumps are possible, and if they are, where does that go? The better you get at the game, the cooler stuff you'll find yourself doing.

The 3D gameplay is just as intense, but it focuses way more on speed, why spin dash, when you could hit the square button and blast through your enemies while simultaneously moving at ridiculous speeds. I sware, i went plaid in one stage. it was awesome. I feel like the grinding could've been improved, but not in the way of mechanics, just more fun grindy stuff to do. remember sonic's final stage in Adventure 2? yeah stuff like that. All in all, the 3D gameplay was a blast as well, with amazing visuals and even more hiddon corridors leading to cool junk n' stuff.

The only real complaint i have about the game is that sometimes stuff bugs up, and the jump button isn't always airtight.

that's a small detail though, because the rest of the game is so frickin awesome. Whoever made past music unlockable, and able to be played on any stage is a genius. Hodro city in the chemical plant? fo sho. Flying battery in rooftop run? absolute must.

if i haven't said it yet, any fan of old school sonic owes it to themself to pick up this title.

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