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posted by Halo304ever (MERRITT ISLAND, FL) May 17, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Although I did find some of the modern stages to be fun and the graphics to look nice that's about all I enjoyed. I did not like classic sonic's levels at all and If I wanted to play in that format I would play the original sonic the hedgehog. There are only a few worlds and you can end up beating it in 6-7 hours. There are challenge missions but these are boring and do not feel rewarding in any way. Though it is better than the recent sonic games it still is nothing compared to Sonic adventure 1 and 2 and I think I'll stick to those until a GOOD sonic game comes out.

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Bravo. Sega has redeemed themselves.

posted by Aquateen (WAYLAND, NY) Nov 29, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I gotta say, I wasn't too impressed with some of SEGA's first few attempts at bringing Sonic to the next generation, but as the years went on, they improved, slightly. Then Sonic Colors hit, and then there was hope. They actually did something great. Now Sonic Generations is here, and I feel like I've been reintroduced to Sonic. Sure, it only has 18 levels, but I think it has I replay value. SEGA kept it simple, with simple controls, and a simple story to follow. SEGA, thank you.

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Bored after an hour of playing.

posted by DinoMyte (DANVILLE, CA) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

4 out of 14 gamers (29%) found this review helpful

Are we all talking about the same game here? How could this game get better reviews than Rage or Fallout? I've been playing this game for a couple hours now and it has felt like a chore. I keep hoping for the gameply to change at all and it hasn't. This is nothing new people. All this game is is taking the sonics from the Sega Genesis and combining it with the Dreamcast versions (Sonic Adventure). Except you dont get to raise those cute little guys that can be angels or demons. I was really hoping for more here but I am ready to send it back already. If you've played the other Sonics and like repetition less than a 4 year-old then don't get this game. I've seen and done all this before, many times.

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