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Good old days

posted by def415 (SEDALIA, MO) Dec 6, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

I loved the old sega genesis sonic games -particularly 2 and sonic and knuckles- the moment i heard the redone theme on the menu I got taken back to when I first played the originals all those years ago. I'd say this is a must play for any old sonic fan.

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Rest In Peace, Sonic The Hedgehog.

posted by citigroup06 (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Dec 4, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

Not to bash another gamer's review or perspective but anyone who was a true fan of Sonic would NOT settle for this Classic/Modern garbage! Granted, revisiting some classic stages were cool. The modern versions were all blast through as fast as you can.

The Dreamcast era was nice but the havok engine was not the way to do it. In my opinion, Modern Sonic should revert back to Sonic Adventure's style of gameplay. He had every aspect of Adventure in that gameplay. Sonic Team never forced you to blast through the stages. Sonic's speed increased when running downhill and with dash panels (momentum) and you were able to enjoy the stage and it's beauty.

Since when did Sonic gain the ability to suddenly blast off? They turned him into a psychic. He can also use this ability when he's on other objects as well.

Sonic Team has truly lost it's Iconic Sega Character. This game is just a bitter reminder of what Sonic used be to us. They gave Sonic so many makeovers that I don't recognize him anymore. Sonic Adventure 1-2 was his plateau. If they would've continued the Adventure Series, instead of making that awful Sonic Heroes, Sonic would still be on top with Mario.

Sega is known for making bad executive decisions, given their history.

R.I.P. Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Sega is on the right track for once! Seriously!

posted by Authur (LEXINGTON, SC) Nov 27, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

This game is living proof that Sega still cares about Sonic. It took them long enough, but they realized what they were doing, and this compilation of some of the best zones ever is the perfect peace agreement. Here's why in two words.


Until you play this game, you have no idea how awesome it feels to see the Sonic you knew and loved from the 90s skateboarding down City Escape Zone trying to avoid a speeding semi of death. This game has SOLID gameplay that has clearly been dramatically improved on Modern Sonic's side with an upgraded and tweaked moveset. The game does suffer from one thing that Sega just keeps doing no matter how much they improve...side missions.

While the main game itself is quite enjoyable, if not the best thing that's happened in the entire franchise, the challenges are quite annoying. I don't know what kind of awkward Sonic fan actually enjoys doing these missions, because they know how to make you hate the game, and hate it HARD. It is with a heavy heart to say that you will need to do some of these really tough challenges to buy some skills in the game, namely the Boost Gauge Upgrades and Shields. Even worse, the game makes you do them anyway, because how else are you going to get the keys!?

Aside from that and the surprisingly lackluster Casino Night Zone DLC, and I use the term "DLC" very charitably in this game's case, this game is adequately challenging and very fun to play. In fact, these S ranks are probably the easiest you'll ever get, so if you're a fan of getting the game's satisfaction by being a straight-up masochist, your job is now made easier and less painful.

As for the story...ugh...let's just say I wish the Colors writers never existed. Ever. They apparently lost their luster when they tried to be funny in this game.

Other than that sour little notion, this game is more than worth your time, because this shows that Sega does in fact remember Sonic the Hedgehog, and quite well.

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