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Another passable title from Sonic

posted by sinyx (GREENVILLE, RI) Apr 17, 2012

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It was a cool idea that got muddled along the way. Rather than give you a classic Sonic game they tried to merge modern Sonic with the classic Sonic.

The first act is done like the old games but act 2 is is like the new Sonic games. The problem is when they try to make classic Sonic take on the modern Sonic levels, even going as far as to give him a skateboard power up. They even go as far as to switch between the 2D and 3D in each act to throw you off.

The "classic" feel is also lost, don't expect Special Stages or anything along those lines. Instead you get to meet all of Sonic's more annoying pals in a series of mini games and challenge levels that you must access through a maze like hub world. These aren't optional as you have to do some to progress. Most end up being bland and boring, a few of the battles are fun. Over all nothing here that reminds me of old Sonic at all.

The controls are solid and work just fine, both Sonics play about the same.
The sound is great as well even letting you change the music for each level.
The graphics are just about what you saw in Sonic Unleashed, that is to say nothing new or jaw dropping.

This is overall a lack luster game that was just pumped out to capitalize on Sonic's birthday. Rent it don't buy it, little to no replay value really only for the hardcore Sonic fans.

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Nostalgia at its finest.

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Oct 31, 2011

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20 years, thats how long this hedgehog has been around us and while the first few titles were amazing(Sonic 1-3, Adventure 1-2,Colors), others had too much fur/swords/wiimote shaking. This time SEGA finally answered our prayers for a perfect Sonic game, enter Sonic Generations. Without spoiling the plot too much, lets just say Sonic gets sucked into the past by the Time Eater and meets his past self and they go on an adventure to save the time stream.

And here's my verdict:

The Good:
-Levels, SEGA did an incredible job putting one zone from each of Sonics adventures in glorious HD! Plus you play them as Classic and Modern Sonic with 2 different dimensions of play, AMAZING!

-Graphics, every stage, badnik, boss, character looks incredible!

-Replay value, trust me you're gonna want to play each stage over a few times just to take another path and find hidden goodies and get those bonus stages!

-Soundtrack, whether it be your favorite tune from Green Hill or the fast track from Planet Wisp, you'll love every second.

The Meh:
-Bosses, while they did bring back bosses from previous games, they aren't as fun as they used to be, I don't know why, but some of the bosses are kinda boring.

-Speed, while you move around the stages, you might stumble on walls or objects a few times, it kills the intensity of the stages sometimes but not drastically.

The Bad: NOTHIN'

If you actually enjoyed the Werehog, Secret Rings or Black knight games, you wont like this game at all, but if you're a fan of the retro Sonic games, like me, you will not only enjoy this title but realize how old you got since you played Sonic on Genesis!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Finally...A good Sonic for this generation.

posted by mryams (CINCINNATI, OH) Nov 3, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I have to admit; I had fun. It has been a long time since Sega had put out a decent Sonic game. But to call this a brand new Sonic could be cheating the audience.

Sonic Generation his a throwback to the good ol' days of Sonic. In the game, there is a rip in time that puts both Sonics(and Tails) into a limbo like area. This white space is filled with areas from Sonics past and to get things back to normal, Sonic has to complete two acts in each setting. The acts are done in one side scroll, and one in 3D format; to complement both era's in the franchise. To put it mildly, you play the same act in two different perspectives. As you beat each area the color comes back into the world.

It's clever how the developers took some Sonic games that used the 3D format and transistion it to how it would have looked back in the Genesis days amd vice-versa.

If any complaints could be made it's the bad dialogue that throws it off a bit; but no Sonic game ever had great dialogue in the first place. Like most of the recent Sonic games for PS3 or XB360, the game tends to be to fast for it's own good. There are moments where camera angles are not in the best positions in the game, but don't let that affect the way you feel about the game in general.

Also, don't expect this game to be long. It will probably take you about 6 hours to beat the game; however, if you're a completionist then it can last a while. They also tacked on multiplayer, which is nothing but competitions to rank higher on the leaderboards; example, timed levels to see who makes it to the end fastest, etc. It seemed silly and really no point to add it, but it's easy achievements at the very least.

To conclude, I liked this game alot; even if for the nostalgia factor alone. Not sure if it's fair to peg it as a new game since the levels already exisited in another format at some point in time, but enjoy it none the less.


Bryan Dull, writer and author of "Solstice"

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