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A little more on target with the ps3!

posted by UkManiak (ROCHESTER, NY) Jun 29, 2011

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I love sniper games, if you love them as much as I do then you should rent Ghost Warrior. As next generation "pure sniper" gaming, the Devs at City Interactive did a good job on making the credo "One shot, One Kill" a challenge, especially on hard difficulty.

On hard difficulty, shooting your rifle really becomes more than just point and click. You must account for Range, Wind, Movement, and Position to get that clean kill. Play it on easy for a while to get used to where you must aim, easy mode makes it well, easy. Watching a target walk his patrol behind a thin wall and a few tiny windows with a split second of actually seeing the guy definitely makes you think twice before pulling the trigger, especially if stealth is a must or mission over!

Now if you are looking to just jump in and go guns blazing, well, you can do that. You have the option to pick up enemy assault rifles. But, the more intricate ways of killing are much more satisfying to the gamer pallet, such as the throwing knife. Or maybe you would like to set off some fireworks and plant some C4 under a Jeep by an unsuspecting patrol, hike up to a good vantage point and BOOM! Watch the chaos can do that. The ability to hide and kill flawlessly keeps the enemies cojones firmly lodged in your iron grip, and it is FUN!

The beauty of Ghost Warrior is you get to choose many paths to complete your objectives. Here is the Ugly, its short and the story really detaches from the characters and gives you no meat. The extra missions we as ps3 players receive are an OK addition to the game, but once again, no story, no meat. The ending will really make your arms go up in a "HUH!?" Bad Story = Bored? NO!, we still have multiplayer!

I love multiplayer, when I can get in a room. CTF is just good fun, and a challenge. The rest of the modes are fun as well, its just Snipers AND WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT CONCEPT? So get your tents ready and warm up that campfire, Ghost Warrior deserves a shot!

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Decent game

posted by KageMahou (EVANSVILLE, IN) Jun 28, 2012

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It just so happens I like to be challenged, and this game delivers that challenge. The controls can be frustrating at times but all in all a very good title that I do recommend.

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Socom Type Feel in 1st Person

posted by MBZ_BoNe (OZONE PARK, NY) Mar 14, 2012

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I love the training on hard difficulty. Watching a friend try to shoot that 400m shot is hilarious...

Great game... Just wish they had a 3rd person view...

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