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Ever the chilling, creepy tale we love to hate.

posted by FatiusQDolce (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 24, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

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The first thing that you have to take into account when it comes to game franchises like Silent Hill, is that when a great deal were playing the first three, we were but wee babies, probably well under the suggested age, and far more vulnerable to suggestion. Take Silent Hill 2 for example, in my case, one instance in particular, turned the town of Silent Hill, into one of the most appetizingly creepy places to visit.
I had played well into the night, feeling the heeby jeebies at every turn, genuinely creepy, and not terrifying, is why I love this series. Then I just couldn't take it anymore, I loved it, but it was just too much stress. I took the game out, walked to the other side of the house, and placed it on the kitchen counter. I was the only one awake in my house, I've never slept much, so when I woke up, my parents were still asleep, I went into the living-room, and to my horror, the game was back in the playstation, tv on, loaded to where I had left off.
It's things like that, where I was hooked through the gills from that point on, whether or not I believe my parents to this day that they weren't just messing with me, doesn't matter, I was genuinely freaked out, and that made the need to play, even stronger.
My thoughts on Downpour:
In three words, I'm enjoying it. From the moment the music started, I was back, it was like greeting an old friend. Homecoming was a disappointment, mostly because of the overemphasis on a shoddy combat system, so, when I went through the trophy list and found that there is a trophy for not killing a single enemy, my faith was restored.
I won't give much more than that away, but heck, for true Silent Hill fans, that should be enough. No, you won't get the scare of your life in here, and it may not even be as strongly creepy as the old ones, simply because we're older, and more jaded, but I can guarantee some good, creepy fun, and a chance to come back and visit a town we all loved and hated years ago.

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posted by UmbrellaCorp (TWENTYNINE PALMS, CA) Mar 14, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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A lot of game magazines and websites have been giving this game a highly underrated score. Its at least 9 worthy. Yes it may not be as true to the roots as people want but it does tie in previous games. Like a random picture on the wall showing shepards glenn from silent hill homecoming, or being able to enter an apartment and it is an exact replica of the room from silent hill 4: the room with a chained door and all. Walking through the town during a rain is as suspenseful as creeping through the darkened areas in Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2.

With some puzzles simple, and others more complex (like reading a poem and using its clues to solve a puzzle similar to silent hill's piano puzzle and the story on the chalkboard) and being able to set your puzzle level harder or easier it is a win win with every type of player. For the true experience I would recommend making the display darker in the options and making the logo barely visible, it makes the lighting and rain effects stands out so much more. Brighter screens really take away the ambiance. Lastly, new game play elements such as balancing on tight walkways, breakable weapons (of which they are everywhere so you never need to look far) and the lack of a radio to let you know something is coming really adds to the suspense in making this game a Silent Hill worthy of the name. Personally, it puts Silent Hill Homecoming to shame, and I am calling this the first next gen Silent Hill.

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Silent Hill: Downgrade

posted by StarRaven (WELLINGTON, FL) Dec 15, 2012

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Before we begin. I've played all the Silent Hill's and have liked them all. The community is usually split on how they see The Room and Homecoming but I honestly like them both...

And that's not to say that I didn't like this one, but, it truly doesn't add anything to the series. Is it more Silent Hill in the sense of it being just more of something we like, therefore, it's good? Yeah. But, at the same time, there's no real evolution to be had. Earlier in the series, there were significant improvements and even some changes, especially with the approach in The Room. Homecoming may have simply benefitted from being on the next generation system (possibly the same thing that aided The Room) but there were also progressions in combat and story development that progressed the series as a whole. Origin also had some of these attributes. Even Silent Memories was an interesting turn, albeit, a bit different.

This game, is in no way a "bad" Silent Hill. It just is Silent Hill. It's totally fine. I will say that, on the harder difficulties, it really makes combat unbalanced (they want you to flee) but I suppose that just their way of making it difficult...

If you like Silent Hill, there's nothing to really complain about other than technical bugs (especially when saving) but if you've got a pile of other games, or just not in the mood for this genre, don't feel bad if you save this one off to the side. If you think you're gonna pop this in a get hooked... probably not.

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