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Above Average

Awesome. Deserves a 9, but.........

posted by josmith0110 (GROTON, CT) Nov 19, 2011

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In the past, games like GTA have gotten up their own butts with the realistic shooting, driving, etc. SR3 is a throwback to the time when games were just plain fun and didn't take themselves too serious.

You play as an action hero style gang banger that can go anywhere, shoot anyone, and do just about anything you want. It is a true sandbox game....customization is everywhere, missions are stacked on top of missions, and too make it perfect? The ability to level up weapons and abilities in a slight RPG style. It is simply great!


This game is an example of game developers trying to stick it too people who rent games. In order to play THE SYSTEM LINK YOU HAVE TO BUY AN ONLINE PASS. It is a huge slap in the face. Even if you don't plan to go online, you have to pay just to hook into another Xbox via system link, and it is a huge rip off. I am the type of gamer who rents a game via Gamefly, then if I dig it, I shell out the $60+ to own it. I have been burned so many times by paying full price for new games that suck. This online pass is a huge thorn in my side every time I setup a system link game...I am reminded of the 800MS points I shelled out just to play with my wife who is sitting right next to me. It is the reason I give it a 6....the game deserves a 9.5, but the online pass is just too much to get over.

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Fun before form

posted by Markus1142 (SOMERVILLE, NJ) Feb 7, 2012

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Saints Row: The Third feels like THQ took some of the best concepts from Grand Theft Auto - open world, sandbox, tons of side missions, plenty of shootouts - and turned the knob up to 11, while at the same time replacing the frustrating parts with absurd fun.

A lot of games now follow this concept; Red Dead Redemption, Red Faction, and even Rage offer players large worlds with plenty of quests to keep them busy. But few games allow you to call in UAV missile strikes, dress like a purple rabbit, or clobber enemies with a three foot long... um, "adult novelty toy."

It's not a perfect game, but it does most things very well, and more importantly, it makes sure you're having FUN, whatever it is you feel like doing in the game.

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Above Average

Pay to play, are they all gunna do this now?

posted by PricelessATX (AUSTIN, TX) Nov 17, 2011

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This is game is supposed to have a strong multi-player but you'll never know unless you pay for the online pass. So beware if thats what your renting it for.

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