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What I Wanted GTA to Become

posted by 00Domwin (PIEDMONT, SC) Nov 21, 2011

Member since Jan 2008

If you hava played any of the original GTA games on PC you know there is sharp contrast in mood and feel between those and some of the more recent installments of the series. The Saints Row games are in line with the earlier installments of GTA in terms of humor and tone. And to me that is one of the series greatest strengths.

The biggest criticism I hear in regards to this series is that it is just a GTA rip off. While I understand that point of view I don't necessarily see how that is a problem. One of the best things about SR3 is it incentivizes some of the natural out-of-campaign gameplay that tends to come to gamers naturally. I remember playing GTA I would spend half my time just trying to find tanks to drive around and cause havok with for fun. Saints Row has an "activity" in which you do that and get a reward for it. Unlike GTA, SR embraces a players natural tendency towards mayhem and silliness in sandbox games.

As a game SR3 is solid. It's fairly polished but there are some odd issues. There were a few times where I would get out of a car and it would suddenly sink in to the pavement as if it were quicksand. There was another instance where I hit a ramp to jump and the motorcycle I was on got stuck in the ramp and I was flung without it. While bugs like that might frustrate gamers I found them to be rather funny and for me it only added some charm to the game.

Other than that the story is acceptable, the weapon variety is fantastic, the new ability store is an improvement, the amount of customization is ridiculous, and the amount of stuff to do in the game is absurd.

If you want a fun game to play during a new release drought SR3 is a great bet. It would probably take maybe 10 hours to grind the story missions but there are so many diversions that this game is easily 25+ hours for most.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Saints Row

posted by rhb325 (DECATUR, GA) Nov 19, 2011

Member since Dec 2008

This game was ok, have to drive around alot, use some cheats for money,clothes,etc

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Above Average

Saints Row 1 is better

posted by JonM7o3 (FALLS CHURCH, VA) Nov 19, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

first impression i played for about a hour and hated it. Maybe it is a good game to some but to me it just sucked. car controls were terrible and overall controls were bad. Sent it right back a hopefully gamefly can send me the new halo game

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