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Really Bad


posted by lobster456 (MOUNT VERNON, KY) Dec 24, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

did not recive game only ricved one did not et this one

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GF Rating


This Game should of came with Utters...

posted by Ngo (DALLAS, TX) Dec 20, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

I say this because your going to be milked for the next 40 weeks
I didn't pay mind into the whole 40 weeks of DLC but all the DLC that has been released or even announced are things that should of been in the game in the first place

Originally I was going to purchase this but after they released the Initiation Station ...I thought "maybe this isn't going to be as good as SR2"
sadly I was right

The story was too much nonsense and no actual substance. I didn't understand any of it to be honest. All I understood was they killed Johnny (which sucked) and then the Saint's wanted to take over the city. the rest was just nonsense and blah

The way the missions were set up were the worst part for me. All the missions were pretty linear with nearly no freedom, unlike choosing which gang to take down, they all were one gang, and the most horrible thing was they incorporated side missions into the main story so you had to do them which made the story feel like it was treading water and the endings don't feel as gratifying as killing off a gang

The customization is good but also gutted at the same time
as many have stated they removed layers which sucks
but also you can't make someone morbidly obese or emaciated and the texture for the old skin is just disgusting
I liked to use an old skinny asian lady but...the skin is too gross. I do like the large amount of skintones you can choose though

One thing i personally don't like is the zombie cheat because SPOILER an entire area turns into a zombie world so its really pointless

I can't say I didn't enjoy the game though, I did have fun for the a few hours but I played children's games that had better stories

If you don't understand why I gave this a 5 suggested you rent Saint's Row 2 and you'll understand

I'd rather wait 40 more weeks for a full game
then be milked for 40 weeks and purchase a game that feels really unfinished

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great but not GOTY

posted by CagedNeon (ELK GROVE, CA) Dec 9, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

but this is a very fun game, very wacky very mature, its just artwork. but like artwork there can be flaws, 1 thing, halfway into the game i felt as if volition threw the rest of the story at us just to kill time which was very uncool, another thing and probably the most important.....THEY KILLED GAT! WHY OH WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT! overall though this is really fun, no where near trying to copy GTA as fanboys say they are but in all honesty....i wanna go back to stilwater and be ACTUAL gangbangers in 4

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