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posted by StOmP3r (DENVER, CO) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

This game is fun im not going to lie but the game went from Gangsta-ish to cartoon-ish and stupid. needs improvement and way more missions and some more serious gameplay.

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third game gets a 3 out of 10

posted by thompsonrb_125 (PAYSON, UT) Mar 15, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

I understand they are not completely trying to copy grand theft auto anymore but the comparison will always be made. Grand theft auto IV was very detailed graphics were great the way people got shot and ragdolled when hit by your car were very realistc, even the driving itself was realistic. Saits row is selling itself on being the do whatever you want be crazy and wear stupid stuff... now that part(wear stupid stuff) i agree with you can customize your character alot which is cool and the car customization is cool at first but then boring but there wasnt anything to do. I liked customizing the weapons as well but after that the gameplay was terrible driving sucks the city seemed empty and cramped at the same time i didnt feel like i had free reign like i do with grand theft auto. So while they did throw in some good customizations they actual story and gameplay, shooting physics, and driving were just bad because i had GTAIV sitting in my cabinet with its arms folded saying "I told you it was gonna suck."

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Above Average

Ok.. not a bad rental

posted by Access (IONIA, MI) Mar 13, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

Saints Row 3 seems like it's missing something.. oh yeah, Multiplayer.

It has Co-Op, but I'm not into playing GTA clones split screen. Racing around town in a stolen car while being chased by police and dodging pedestrians is hectic enough.

The Power Up abilities are neat, but some are rather pointless. Since you can pretty much absorb a million bullets before actually dieing. And for some reason, you kill others in-game faster with pistols (then with machine-guns?!)

It's definitely worth renting, but if your looking for something similar to GTA yr prolly gunna have to wait till the developers wake up and realize people like playing with REAL people.

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