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Making a Comeback

posted by JoeyValles (STOCKTON, CA) Mar 1, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

13 out of 14 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

There hasn't been a good SSX game in a while. On Tour and Blur were horrible and I was afraid that SSX was gone for good. This game however brings me back to the good old days of playing SSX Tricky.The game has nine mountains with pleny to do.There is the story mode as well as a free mode with 3 kinds of events to participate in: Tricky, Races, and survival. The game has all the amazing tricks from the old games with all the famililar characters. The graphics are good and there is the option to switch the controls from the new ones to the classic setup. However, there are some downsides. The greatest letdown is the lack of customization. You get to pick which equipment you want and there are different boards and suits to buy but it isn't as good as SSX 3 or even tricky. All of the suits (from what I've seen and I've bought about 15 for Moby) are the same except for different color schemes and maybe an added perk, but it is still the same old suit. The boards all have stats which makes it so you aren't really picking the board you want, just the one that will help you the most. Yes in other SSX games the boards had stats but they mattered a lot less than in this game and the emphasis was more on making you character cool than on picking the best equipment. Another thing is that Story mode is a lot more constrictive in that each peak has a person that you have to do it with. You can't just be one character throughout the entire story, you have to play as who they give you. Unfortunately there is also no local multiplayer, which really sucks because I used to love to play with my friends. Another annoying thing is that when you fall of the map you have to rewind, it doesn't teleport you out. This is bad for a couple of reasons but I am running out of space. I could say more but overall this is a good game that is a step in the right direction. It may not be everything that SSX was but it is close enough to make any SSX fan glad.

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Above Average

"Challenging" doesn't always equate

posted by nate6259 (MADISON, SD) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

12 out of 13 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

After waiting since SSX 3 for the next great SSX game, it's hard not to be disappointed with the latest game. I remember playing SSX 3 with big, bright, open courses, with a great variety of ramps for pulling off huge tricks. At the same time, there was also plenty of challenge in both races and trick competitions.

The new SSX is plenty challenging, but in ways that are less fun than previous versions of the game. Many of the tracks are in the dark, and are covered with trees and branches. I found these courses to be hugely frustrating and little fun. On the other end of the spectrum, tricks have become very easy to land, to there is little sense of satisfaction when landing huge tricks.

The equipment selection setup is unintuitive, and the online multiplayer options are also very limited. I can't believe that there is no option to challenge opponents in a live, head-to-head situation. Better online support could have made the game infinitely more fun.

There are still many familiar elements that made me love SSX in the first place, but it simply fails to deliver the kind of experience I would have expected after all of this time. SSX 3 blew me away with its visuals at the time, and while the new SSX looks attractive, it didn't impress me in the same way that previous versions have.

The new SSX offers its fair share of fun, but comes up short in a lot of areas where I expected more.

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GF Rating

Above Average

A Let Down

posted by Hard2Kill (HATFIELD, PA) Mar 10, 2012

Member since Jan 2009

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I thought this game would be so much better. I know it supposed to be a cartoony game but in this day and age I would expect more realism in the graphics. It seems they tried to cover up most of the bad graphics with night scenes. I did not find it fun trying to maneuver down a mountain at 60 miles an hour in the dark. The tricks were cool but very repetitive. The big airs were fun but the bottomless ravines were not. The wing suits were kinda cool the air tanks were not. You had to manually breath on some of the mountains, rediculous and near impossible. I would have appreciated a few runs that were fun and fast and full of air without having to dodge big holes in the ground and ruts full of ice. I think this game could have been a lot better. the controls were just annoying. Pulling off combos normally happen by accident as you can not really plan any advanced trick pattern. Just flick the stick and mash the buttons and hopefully you will get tricky. I found it odd that there were two ways to do the same trick. You would think they would use the buttons to create even more moves. Once again EA releases an underwhelming game that had so much potential.

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