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EA lowering the bar again...

posted by xiaolinstyle (COLLEGE STATION, TX) Mar 2, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

SSX on its face is a fun furious over-the-top trick laden blast. A deeper look, however, shows that once again EA is trying to redefine gaming in thier favor at the expense of gamers.

The single player campaign is quality gaming, a definte throwback to the days of SSX Tricky, and quite alot of fun. Graphics are (mostly) decent. Sound and music are quite good. Many tunes are catchy and fit the atmosphere that EA has created in this new installment. Controls you are given work quite well , weather you choose to use buttons or analog, you will be hard pressed to find fault with them. As a bonus EA has even given the option to use the "classic" Tricky controls. There are a number of old favorites and new characters to unlock as well as 'gear' for each of them. Some of it being cosmetic only but quite a bit of it changing how you play entirely. Some drops even require certain equipment IE: Wingsuit.

The "mulitplayer" is, unfortunately, where you will find yourself at a loss. I personally was greatly anticipating going online and playing with my friends in races , trick slopes etc.. However neither you or I will ever be able to do this. EA ,supposedly using ideas generated from Autolog in NFS:HP, has made a very poor attempt at redefining multiplayer to mean you will only ever race/ trick against Ghosts. Yes thats right, no live match ups EVER. You race , run trick slopes, survival runs etc against prerecorded 'ghosts' of your friends times or scores. This is NOT mulitplayer. This is single player against ghosts.

I cant say as Im surprised that EA has done this. They do have a history of general doucheyness. I for one refuse to accept thier defintion of mulitplayer. I recommend that you do as well.

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What Happened to ssx

posted by MotorXman (FORT COLLINS, CO) Apr 11, 2012

Member since Jul 2009

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

The game has an amazing soundtrack but thats just about it. If you like flicking the right stick while watching your character go down a hill, then this is the game for you. But it doesn't have enough to make me play it more than a couple days.

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posted by CrinksArmada (OVERLAND PARK, KS) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

If you miss the old SSX3, then this is no substitute. If you like crazy tricks and flying down mountains this may be your game. Limited customization and constant death where the downfall of this game for me. The world is down beautifully and any normal gamer will love this game, especially for the online portion. But really, the online portion is all this SSX has to offer. It definitely has a high standard for difficulty, maybe they shouldn't put a endlessly deep canyons on every level. One flaw in your approach on a ramp could send you flying into an infinite abyss or flying for the restart button. You could press the rewind button, but it generally sets you back a couple spots in the race. Which tends to drop you from the running of your original goal. The gadgets you get throughout the game seemed to me like more of a hassle. (use these or you will fail) The only one I ended up liking was the flight suit, it's a cool concept but it didn't seem very thought out. With all the crazy unbelievable moves you can do in a game like this, why make the player cling onto extra gadgets? It would be so much more enjoyable if you didn't have to rely on stuff like that to blast down a mountain. I ended up going back to previous SSX games and having a lot better time playing them.
So in the end:

-Awesome Graphics.
-Tons of online fun.

-Not enough customization.
-Too many restarts on single player.
-Too distant a game from originals.
-Energy Packs, Really?

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