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Really Bad


posted by A_MacDaddy5 (SPOKANE, WA) Mar 31, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

the tricks are kinda cool but why you would make an ssx game without a split screen option is just stupid is the only reason to play the ssx series

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We need more tricks

posted by camjbee (STONE MOUNTAIN, GA) Mar 26, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

SSX will have you wanting to shred that snow.

The basic story here is that SSX is a team and they want to prove they are better than ex team mate Griff. This isn't exactly the best selling point for this game but whatever it's functional and it does make so sense even if the idea of conquering 9 death deflying drop is wonderful idea.

So EA makes the game shine in this department. It feels fast, the tricks feel amazing fun, and the mountains ranges each feel different. Now this games main focus is on the nine deadly decents as they call them. Yep they will take some effort and kill to survive seeing as they all require very specific gear. The events fall in to three major catagoies: Race, get you butt down the mountain as fast as possible. Trick, get supa stupid with it like quite litteraly get off your board. Lastly Survive, videos games way of saying Man vs Nature. It's not as fullful fleshed out as previous versions but it's do I guess. The one thing I do hate is EA forgot system multiplayer but added online multiplayer. FOR SHAME EA.

Now the look of the mountains are beautiful with Panadoga sporting destroy plain and vehicles to Serbia with it's ice and industrial feel. I also like the introduction to each new area giving me a look ahead to the madness I'll face with the new area.

Overall definatly wait for this to come down in price. It's not bad by in stretch of the imgaination but you want to wait for it to just in price to about $35 or $30.

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posted by nicksakk (PHOENIX, AZ) Mar 25, 2012

Member since Sep 2004

Disappointing. Hi hopes dashed.

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