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posted by earley (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 22, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

80 out of 98 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

First off, I don't understand why people always want to compare every game to COD don't get me wrong I'm a COD fanboy, but I'm also a big fan of SOCOM, but both games are very different SOCOM rely more on stealth and tactics which is what Navy Seals are known for COD on the other hand rely more on straight forward combat, now most older guys like myself understand that, but the less mature gamers want everything to be mindless shooting which is fine for little kids, but don't knock SOCOM for that reason, now as far as the graphics go SOCOM 4 has come a long way since the PS2 days so don't judge this game solely on graphics, story telling and game play should be the main factor in judging any game and SOCOM does both, SOCOM 4 is not perfect but it's still worth buying or renting. If your a gamer who enjoys strategy and military tactics this game is for you, but if you just want to run, gun and blow things up move along kid this is not for you, but if you prefer a chess like game SOCOM is for you, enjoy.

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Above Average

My short review: Great but not perfect

posted by Aversion (BRONX, NY) May 18, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

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SOCOM 4 brings back some of the SOCOM feel that Confrontation seemed to let go. However; with that said it is not perfect and a bit frustrating.

SOCOM 4 does not allow any customization of your character - Confrontation did.

SOCOM 4 does not have pistols / handguns.. Instead you get two primary weapons (Assault Rifle / SMG / Machine Gun / Shotgun / Sniper) I dont like this. You should always have a handgun for a last resort.

SOCOM 4 also does not give massive weapon customization - You unlock attachments then choose what you want for a scope and if you want a silencer or not - Which seems very limited..

One thing SOCOM 4 did get right tho it does have co-op online and a solo campaign. The campaign story was decent but not something that amazing..

I have yet to play the multi-player game modes so I will not review that; but I was told it does run a lot smoother then Confrontation..

So to put it short; SOCOM 4 was okay but not perfect. Hopefully some of the features will be added via patch to make it get a better rating.

My score: 6.5 out of 10

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Good campaign. Very fun multiplayer.

posted by knife_hits (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 30, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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If you like online multiplayer or co-op, then you should like this game. There are alot of people that are upset that Socom 4 isn't similar enough to Socom 1 or 2, and that's unfortunate, but the game is still extremely fun to play in multiplayer. All of the multiplayer modes give you the option of playing classic mode, or the new style where you respawn. That means that there's something for the die-hard fans, but the game can still be fun and approachable to newcomers, and people that just like to respawn. There is only one type of airstrike and they're not handed out that often, so the only spamming you're going to get is by grenades or bullets from actual players. Personally, i find it very refreshing and alot more realistic that there's not killstreaks handed out left and right, and to get your kills you have to actually earn them. This game is more technical and tactical than most 3rd person shooters, which I think is great. The campaign is fun, 14 missions in all, and the graphics and music are very good quality. At times during the campaign I was reminded of the cinematic experience of the Uncharted series. So many people will try to diss on this game, but in the end they're all just crybabies and n00bz. Do yourself a favor and try something that's not a Call of Duty clone for once.

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