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posted by ramirez11212 (FORT POLK, LA) Oct 26, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I was a HUGE fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon as a kid, but this is definitely going down on the top 10 worst games I've ever played. I feel the game is rather disorganized, much too many limitations, and the challenges are boring. The coaster building is dreadful, and that used to be my favorite thing about the game, well that and launching my visitors through the air on unfinished coasters. Simply put, this game was a WASTE of time. Stick to the computer versions, this is embarrassing for Atari.

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what a waste

posted by christyne4 (LAWRENCE, KS) Oct 25, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

i love roller coaster tycoon ever since i was a kid but way too many limitations like a fill the bar up you can't add anymore ride or anything for that matter thank you gamefly for saving me from making a mistake of buying this sad excuse of a game i will tell you do not buy stick with the computer version i have lost faith in this now people are right giving this game a bad rating this game to me is a 1 at least i will be sending this game back tomorrow i am saving up for a better really atari what was you thinking i waited a whole year for this game 3ds deserved better then this i rather do good reviews but i had to tell how i felt thank you for reading this review

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Ouch...right in the childhood.

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Oct 24, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

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Lets get this out of the way, im one of THE biggest RCT fans, played the first 3(although not liking the 3rd one as much as the first 2) religiously. Building parks, managing guests, popping balloons, picking up those stupid guys in panda costumes and drowning them(i was a cruel child), and best of all, building Roller Coasters. All that culminated into one of the greatest series of games of all time...until now. Lets get to the verdict:

The BAD:
Since there's so much, im going to just list them.
Controls, ride selection, graphics, lack of playability, lack of Balloons, lack of 2D, lack of fun, lack of space in "Games you have out".

The Meh:

-The Menu, Looks like a Photoshop newb put it together....wait, this should have been in the bad.

The Good:

The fact that is on its way back to the Gamefly HQ.

Sorry to be harsh Atari, but words cannot describe the disappointment that came to me when i started this up, i really, REALLY wanted this to be good. I gave it a try...but i just couldn't stand it. I just don't know why after many teases and delays that this is what the loyal fans receive. The ONLY way they could redeem themselves is either 1: Remake the first game in a isometric 3D/2D hybrid or 2: Remake the 3rd game and its expansions in HD. This way the fans get what they deserve and that they can get new fans to enjoy the masterpieces those games were.

Its, an AVOID.

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