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this game was terrible!!!!!!!!

posted by durango95 (DECATUR, AL) Jun 9, 2014

Member since Aug 2012

bad cut scenes,bad graphics,bad playing style ,pirates of the carribean meets skyrim, should have been good was not ,,,it sucks ,,sucks sucks some more and this game or stare at the wall give me the wall

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jeramy reviews risen 2 dark waters

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Apr 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

"Okay lets get this going risen two dark water is a roleplaying pirate theamed adventure which to me shouts cool pirates! but this game is for the faint of gurt heck it took me forever to get past a few sidequests because gameplay is annoying first off everything looks the same in risen two i got lost going from place to place trying find where iam supposed to go and there is a ton a ton! of backtracking the backtracking in this game made me feel like i was in a roleplaying nightmare that never seemed it wanted to end the story something to do with titans gods stolen weapons. That steelbeards crew took which awoke the kraken which means the end or does it the main character is called the hero cause you know i felt like this game needed a choose your on adventure element name your character make your choices dress him up make you like ahem jack sparrow. but you cant and the team AI in this game could of been better foir example while running threw the woods i steped on a trap which killed me to which my team member said stupid

seriously your going to stand there the games story is what saves the game even though the combat is a bore and needs improvement and like i said up in the begnning of this written review you will get lost alot end result. Yeah its ok if you like the hardcore old school rpg like neverwinter nights which this kinda reminded me of alot actually."

overcall grade C+


+ storys great and interesting

+combats okay needs improvement

- backtracking alot of backtracking

- everything looks the same which will get you lost alot

-party members could help more ionstead of looking at her dead corpose and telling you how you suck at this game

thank you for reading - jeramy

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Above Average

a decent game :(

posted by xrgamer (INDIO, CA) Jan 31, 2013

Member since May 2012

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by far this was a decent game iunfortunately thats about it for this game which unfortunately actually has a correct way of responding if you dont respond a specific way quest will lock so beforewarned. on my first save i wandered around and spent what little gold i had onry there upgrades and measly clothes to my unfortunate discovery i h that you have to prioritize certain updates. now on my second playthrough of the island i discovered that this was a pirate themed adventure game. where you get to play pirate dress up. so after learning and exceping that this is just an adventure game i liked it alittle more the alchol brewing was an intresting feature among the rather intresting crafting menu unfortunatel i never had enough skill. overall this was a fun game i recomend it as a rent not a keep.

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