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Really Bad

Developer should be made to walk the plank

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Aug 1, 2012

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This could've been a good game. After all, there aren't many pirate-themed RPGs on consoles, and it would be nice to get a good one to play. Sadly, "Risen 2: Dark Waters" is not that game. From the moment the opening menus pop up, you know things aren't going to be good. The text is extremely difficult to read, and in some cases impossible to read. So forget being able to navigate the poorly put together menus. Graphically, this resembles more an early PS2 game instead of a latter stage PS3 game. Character animations are awkward and never synch up with their voices or even with combat. Not that it matters, since the voice acting is fairly weak and not that compelling to listen to. There may be a decent story here, but most will never see it to its conclusion, as the game's flaws will have you quitting long before the end. Combat feels empty and is merely button mashing on one button. You can learn other abilities, but only if you have the gold to do so. And you will need an exorbitant amount of said gold, and no real way to get what you need without a lot of ridiculous grinding by doing menial tasks. This just pads the game cheaply, instead of letting you progress at a nice pace and move things along. The controls aren't that great either, save for moving. Get into heavy combat and you're liable to throw yourself into the menus instead of fighting enemies. Frame rate drops often, and I had one freeze up very early on. This was poorly executed for all the decent ideas in the game, which makes this seem to be a rushed product, even though I believe it was delayed initially. Developer Piranha Byte should be made to walk the plank for this shipwreck of a game. I feel sorry for any who actually bought this. At least with Gamefly we can send it back the next day.

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posted by Karat76 (WELLSTON, OH) Dec 2, 2012

Member since Nov 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I enjoyed the story line and could tolerate the graphics and voice acting. The combat was sluggish and it was not nearly as open world as it had the potential of being it was very much a game on rails with an illusion of world.

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Another, technical RPG!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Aug 3, 2012

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But instead of magical stuff, you have a pirate's storyline and aspect. If you enjoyed, Two Worlds II, Dark Souls, and enjoy those type of games you have to really... Pay attention to what goes on... You would like this game.

You play as a captain
The world is at the Age of Destruction. Titans that were once sealed away inside the Earth are now, on land and sea destroying. You have to join with a crew of pirates and try to find a means to end their rein of destruction.

Ten minutes into the game, and you forget the essential story -- Like most RPGs. You should stay in the first area for a while and get the idea of the game's mechanics... Such as, the lock-on feature L2(holding it) . Get to know the game menu and leveling up mechanics. Talking to AI will put you with teachers, those teachers teach you additional moves so that you can be a better, fighter, shooter, thief, etc ...

Deep Silver made a great pirate game... You can even get a pet monkey to train. Had I known that I probably wouldn't have killed them all for points to level up... From building your own guns, weapons, lockpicks, and to a variety of minigames... Such as, drinking, shooting, and other things... This game is awesome.
You should also take a minute to adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma settings in the game options so you can see a more vivid surroundings. Deep Silver did a amazing job, making the structures and wild life look very detailed, but some of the foliage should just have been cut out. Great storyline, humorous acting, interesting plots... PIRATES!!
I'm still finding new things you can do and level up in. From searching for treasures to teaching a monkey to steal(don't kill all the monkeys) ... Its a great game.

If you want a game to run through in one day -- THIS AINT FOR YOU. Requiring a good amount of time to learn and understand the game's entire elements is one of the challenges this title offers.

Check it out.

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