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Above Average

a decent game :(

posted by xrgamer (INDIO, CA) Jan 31, 2013

Member since May 2012

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by far this was a decent game iunfortunately thats about it for this game which unfortunately actually has a correct way of responding if you dont respond a specific way quest will lock so beforewarned. on my first save i wandered around and spent what little gold i had onry there upgrades and measly clothes to my unfortunate discovery i h that you have to prioritize certain updates. now on my second playthrough of the island i discovered that this was a pirate themed adventure game. where you get to play pirate dress up. so after learning and exceping that this is just an adventure game i liked it alittle more the alchol brewing was an intresting feature among the rather intresting crafting menu unfortunatel i never had enough skill. overall this was a fun game i recomend it as a rent not a keep.

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look past the bad graphics

posted by XxToboexX (MIDLAND, TX) Aug 4, 2012

Member since May 2010

14 out of 17 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Don't let the games bad graphics make you give it a low rating . its really a good game there's lots to do in it and lots to level up. i always base a game off of the game play not its looks sure looks are great but its not great when game play cant back it up. This game excels on game play although the combat is a bit clunky its still fun. also the game is a bit dark so be sure to fix up the settings a bit. You also can get legendary items that permanently improve your stats. basically let me give you rundown on the pros and cons.
1:lots to do
2:lots to level up
3:lots to learn, it is pretty cool to be able to make your own guns an weapons and such
4:combat has strategy
5:i don't want to give to much away but you get your own ship and crew

1:clunky combat
2:bad graphics
3:bad lighting
4:some sound problems (but you can always try installing it)

basically its good don't let everyone's bad ratings fool you. you would have to try it for yourself to see the rest of it

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Glitches/Freeze Ups/Fail'ness

posted by cpt4500 (LAGUNA HILLS, CA) Aug 1, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

10 out of 14 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I am very disappointed in this games performance visually/graphically, story lore wise, & the sound is all off from what the characters are actually doing. IGN noted a while back that the previous game had numerous issues with release and this sequel looked to be going down that same route. Well it did ....

In the first two hours I had the story freeze up on me a few times what only seemed due to the auto save feature that seems to happen about every few minutes.

Right out the gate after talking to the commander I was walking down towards the ship after the "beach" quest to only find my self walking in mid-air because I walked off the downward stairway off to the right side. How was this not caught during game testing?

The combat is button smashing but no depth to it.
Games like these I tend to only put 6-8 hrs into and they go right back in the mail box. Thank god for gamefly, amiright?

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