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GF Rating


dont listen to the hate

posted by Wearex316 (OCEAN CITY, NJ) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Jan 2011

dont listen to the haters. this game is sweet. i dont get what some people are saying about headshots. ive taken bothe human and zombies out with one shot. and you can take a human out with a few rounds. maybe its because i have the dlc guns. and the controls are perfect no problems here. i guess you cant please everyone but from what i see most people are saying its great. and the critics well you should never listen to them anyway. they tend to hate most games.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun game if you're a Resident Evil fan

posted by steelcity2739 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

I don't know why people are coming down so hard on this game giving it a 1 or a 2...If you like the Resident Evil series it is a fun game. It's much more enjoyable if you have online because it is more of a multiplayer setup so if you don't I probably wouldn't bother. I did not like the game at first, but you have to give it a chance to grow on you as you find out more of the cool features in the game as you go along. Also, this game is nothing like Resident Evil 5, it's made by a different company, so do not expect that type of play.

You are in a team of 4 four each mission and there is a multitude of character types to pick from that all have different abilities (e.g. thermal vision, item detection, sticky gernades, etc.) that you can purchase with experience you get from doing missions. There are also tons of different weapons you can find or purchase with XP to fight zombies with: gernade launchers, assault shotguns, sniper riles, etc.

The gameplay is also pretty fun considering that you work for umbrella trying to eliminate characters like Leon and other witnesses. You also fight umbrella mercenaries and science experiments along with zombies. If you get bit you can be infected and die and turn into a zombie which I think is pretty cool, but you can pick up antidotes and cure yourself as well.

There are also different multiplayer versus modes where you can battle against other users, and even do things like control a nemisis, which is pretty cool.

In all I give the game a 7 because its definitely not the best game in the world since I've been playing Mass Effect 3 alot haha. However, if you like the series it is a pretty fun game.

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GF Rating


Don't waste your time

posted by TV1RUS (EASLEY, SC) Mar 21, 2012

Member since Jan 2009

I am a HUGE Resident Evil fan. I own every version of every RE game for every game system. Even the gameboy color game and the survivor game for ps1... and im not going to be buying this game. That should tell you every thing. Let me stress this again. I own RE4 on the gamecube, ps2, pc, wii, xbox360, AND PS3!!! So I am no stranger to throwing away money on RE games, but I'm still NOT getting this game. It's a disgrace to the Resident Evil franchise. SO MUCH is wrong with this game. The AI is my biggest problem. It's not even one of those cases were they just need to update it either. It's just horrible. Add something else to your Q... It would be smarter to put Vampire Rain or Two Worlds in your Q.

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