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Above Average

The 2nd Best RE to Date!

posted by FPSVET85 (DAYTON, OH) Mar 23, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

Overall this is a good 3PS title. The graphics could be better about the same as RE5. Controls are sluggish until you get the hang of them. The A.1 and online gameplay will need a patch, but what game doesn't?This is the first RE game with run and gunning so i know theres hope! I haven't been playing RE games very long but they seem to compete with Max Payne titles well. Metal Gear still is king of the throne in the 3PS world. This game is great if your friends have it to play with online. Don't buy if you don't have friends for real. Sorry to the loaners out there. This game is best for rental in my book. Saving my money for Max Payne 3

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GF Rating


Play campaign with 3 friends

posted by CheckMateXP (ORLANDO, FL) Mar 22, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

A lot of negativity comes from the AI of your team being very stupid and enemies taking FOREVER to kill, eating a ridiculous amount of bullets.

I shouldn't have to shoot a fresh Licker 4-5 times at point blank with a SHOTGUN to kill it. One should be enough. I pray there is a patch that comes out so that enemies go down more reasonably and my aiming DOESN'T suck, it's like my weapons weren't aiming calibrated, where the heII are my bullets going at long distance?

Recommended way of playing to bring the game score up? Play with a team of ALL human players online AND have everyone get a MICROPHONE cause you will need proper communication to get through this game campaign.

Do that and this game is frickin great! So happy gaming my friends.

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