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GF Rating

Above Average

decent but somewhat dissapointing.

posted by bobthe23rd (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Apr 12, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

I loved the first third of this game. It was resident evil with controls that were more functional. However once it got to the second third and became a strange hybrid of resident evil and military shooter, I just got bored. It just lost my interest at that point. I felt like there are too many games that do each aspect much better. Better military shooters and better resident evil games. Was worth the rent as the first third was great in my opinion.

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GF Rating


Despairingly disappointing.

posted by saoroy (PORT ORANGE, FL) Jan 11, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I struggled with the camera, the controls and the seemingly limitless, unskipable dialogues.

When I wanted to run, I couldn't...when I wanted to walk, I kept running. I tried picking up items from a table, but kept jumping the table and when I tried to enter/exit rooms, I kept slamming into walls. Now, I love the RE franchise, but this...this isn't a title I'll pick up again.

It's hard to fight the hordes of the undead, umbrella AND the controls simultaneously.

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GF Rating


Game isn't that hard but according to others it is

posted by johnny64 (ELIZABETH, NJ) Aug 27, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

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This game was fun. No where near as bad as critics made it out to be. Albeit there are some spots where camera gets annoying. About 3-4 in total. Game is definitely worth renting. After reading a few proffesional reviews it seem like most of the complaints stemmed from the game being difficult. For example they criticize quick time events but really they are only annoying if you are bad at them. I didn't even think they where worth noting till reading other reviews. And despite there being very few camera issues reviewers blew out of proportion. I think it because the few times it happens is when you can be killed instantly so again their inability to cope with the quick change during the game effected there enjoyment. That being said the game is solid 8-9 to but if you are bad at games in general or quick time events specicficlly, it might effect your experience with title.
Gave it a ten just to even out what I think is an unfair score the game has because it is not broken or anywhere near as glitch as other big name games. Rent it.

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