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GF Rating

Really Bad

what where you thinking capcom?

posted by kishi (LAYTON, UT) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

buy this game if you like: repeating stories in different campaigns (at least 2 repeats per each campaign), frustrating aiming controls (id be trying to aim at a enemy only to have my character turn the opposite way cuz their not looking at the enemy )if you like limited unlocks (3 skills at a time meaning you must keep equipping depending on the situation ) and lastly buy this game if you dont like to be able to pause the game , really capcom? really we cant pause the game? this is not atari 2600 era . the only good thing about this game is you can walk while using your weapon and quick-shot

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Funtime with qte's

posted by VSBelmont400 (LONG BEACH, CA) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

An interesting game that takes two steps back every time you take one forward. RE6 had its moments, but from what I have seen it is a mistake made by a developer who seems to be full of himself. Every single time I am given a moment to strategize and actually think, here comes the QTE'S, here comes the zombie crawling too quickly on the floor ready to suck up a third of your health! I admit I enjoyed the intersecting stories, but when the main story is a convoluted mess I really don't care who does what at point b when i am at point a, a sort of "Pulp fiction" if the main plot was poorly written. As for the online multiplayer (if can call it that) there is nothing of interest, while the intersecting gameplay was kind of enjoyable, the mercenaries only had co-op. I wish they would have for once had a decent online experience, but this a huge step back from re5's online which actually has multiplayer. SO, the verdict, if you like Resident evil, don't buy this game, if you like games with stupid storytelling and almost intentionally bad AI then this might be for you. Two stars is all I will give for the moments I enjoyed which were too little.

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GF Rating


resident evil 6 solid review

posted by shabirdhillon (FRESNO, CA) Oct 30, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Now i was new to the resident evil series and really did not know what to expect jumping into this game other that it was an action game with co op gameplay. To be honest this first pointer is totally opinion and it is the fact that people dont have mics in a heavy co op game. I think there should be a filter in the custom match search that says do you want to be matched up with people who would be little more chatty or some system were you can get matched with people who communicate.(the good job emotes do not count). Now the general game, the story at times felt a bit lackluster and unfocused but it moved along like an action mutation killing game should. The characters well all nice kind of generic. The voice acting was solid and lip syncing and animations looked good. The game play was good at times and then really bad. when alot of explosions occured on the screen slight frame drop took place. Sometimes the camera really sucked and this especially showed in tight corridors. your avatars body would go around the corner before the camera did which led to death or worse. The graphics were really good i thought better then some games these days and looked amazing really sold the atmosphere. Now the online leveling kill point system needed more depth then just a grind for skill points and medals. Seriously it is the most generic and shallow leveling system i have ever seen. It was like the game wanted something here but to scared to actually do it. After you complete all the campaigns in co op or not there is really not much to do other then try to grind for skill points in a really crummy leveling system which is really bad. it is not even a leveling system it is more like get points and invest in skill half of them are just hold more ammo, mor health, more damage seriously. Im running out of room so ill wrap it up. At the end of the day resident evil is just a generic action game with lack of depth. there really is nothing special about it that results to 5 score

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