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Very Good

RE Title Aside

posted by DenBrosFl (FORT MEADE, FL) Oct 9, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

First things first. I am not a RE expert. I haven't followed since the first game release, I don't salivate over upcoming releases, I don't make it my life mission to every exact detail about every playable minute. That said, I do know a thing or two about the series.

And what is terribly disappointing is the fact that if you dropped the infamous RE title, dropped the names of the main playable characters, what you are left with is a pretty generic sci-fi shooter game.

A virus turns people in monsters, enter gun action and dark spaces and you're all set.

But this is supposed to be Resident Evil. I understand the change, the game evolving as the world of gaming evolves as well. Younger people are getting into the game, younger people are expecting a certain style: Put me in an area, give me a direction to go, do not allow me to go back after checkpoints, and my God give me away to use lack of brainage (made-up word) to do things on my own.

All I have to do is press a button to fire a gun and I'm all set.

From what I said at the beginning, I am familiar with classic RE survival horror drama. You're enclosed in a rather large space with winding hallways and dark shadows and doors. You'll have to go back and forth to find items, locate clues, defeat enemies, meet characters. I'm out of bullets! I have no more ink to save at the typewriter! WHAT DO I DO?

A drop of a pin, what was that? Heart pounding, blood-pressure rising, and just when you're about to die of an actual panic attack you advance to the next room, break the code, beat the puzzle.

Resident Evil 6 has nothing of the sort.

It's a game with an incredibly interesting concept depicting a purposefully viral outbreak of a virus nicknamed after a letter of the alphabet. Chaos ensues.

Someone wants to take over the world.

The monsters/J'avo and mutated beast are pretty impressive.

The storyline, even with Ada's secret campaign: lackluster.

Worth a play once, bout it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Hit and Miss

posted by stringbeam1 (MOUNT PROSPECT, IL) Oct 9, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I'll start off by saying that this game is fun in Leon's campaign, but not so much in the other campaigns. However, despite this, this game has more negatives than positives.
Pros: Nice cut scenes, pretty good graphics, some cool new controls like rolling, and a great campaign for Leon.
Cons: Camera Angle is too close, the other campaigns are simply tedious and uninspiring, boss fights are pretty lame, quick time events ruin the game if you don't use a specific skill to make them easier, boss fights are easy, enemies aren't as scary, and the overall story isn't that good (ok endings).

For instance, Chris's campaign has you fighting bio terrorists with guns which is more annoying than fun and best resembles a COD wannabe. In Jake's campaign, most of the time you are running and fighting the same bio terrorists which gets old pretty fast. Overall, if Capcom only focused on Leon's campaign, ditching the other ones, this game would have been a lot better. At best it is worth a rent for Leon's campaign. Other than that, it is not worth buying.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Survival Horror needs to make a comeback.

posted by jaded12 (GREAT FALLS, MT) Oct 8, 2012

Member since Aug 2010

Survival horror needs to make a comback and this was a fail. This game was pure action, and no horror. No puzzles? seriously? that is what makes a resident evil game. Being able to revisit areas. The graphics are great. The action scenes were neat... but how many lives does Leon have for christ sake? This game had too much action to the point of irritating me. I had some fun, but mostly, I was peed off and annoyed. I miss how previous Resident evil games made you use your brain to use strategy and figure out puzzles. The gameplay was harder but that also made it more challenging and therefore better than this mindless crud. I gave this game a 6 because that is probably the amount of times I actually had fun playing this game.

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