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GF Rating


Flawed to death

posted by Eldavo (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA) Nov 14, 2012

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I pre-ordered this game, and I'm sad that I did. Here's what you need to know:

- Aiming is more precarious and clunky than in any previous RE game, and that's hard to do.
- Context-sensitive commands come and go in less than a half-second, meaning that you're usually punching instead of stomping, thereby getting your leg bitten off.
- You will lose hair trying to manage an inventory of about seven blocks at a time, with no way to store for later.
- Some loading screens will take you to a balcony (for example), only to have you jump off the balcony right into another loading screen or cut scene.
- Random quicktime events will keep you from enjoying the cut scenes. They also happen during combat, which will kill you, because you were already pressing other buttons.
- The dialogue hasn't gotten any better, and the characters have random and poorly-defined motivations. The localization team phoned it in.
- There are four campaigns to play from, none of which tell a story other than "there are zombies, and it sucks."
- Your character is usually blocking your view.
- Boss fights can take hours, and you rarely know if you're shooting the right area, or whether this is a scene where your bullets do anything (they don't always).
- When you're down on health, there's a second-wind system like in Borderlands, except it's pointless, because anything capable of almost-killing you is capable of finishing you off.
- Between the awkward second wind system, the unskippable cut scenes, and the auto-saves, about half the game is spent being unable to pause.
- Lots of money was spent making a computer-generated point of view as shaky as it could possibly be. It's like they were trying to convert the stench of zombies into visual format.
- The spinning camera will try to make you motion sick during combat.
- There are missions you can fail without knowing it, and you have to keep playing to know it.
- Gets a 5 because it's pretty.

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GF Rating


Spoiler Alert!

posted by sma78642 (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 15, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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The whole story can be summed up in one bad sentence. "I'll tell you later, let's go downstairs." If you can get past the ridiculous premise and turn off all of the horrible HUD, this game can be a fun co-op romp through some of the best environments I can remember in a game. It's like a big budget action movie with a buddy. That is if the servers are working that day...

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GF Rating

Above Average

Flaws keep action/horror hybrid from greatness

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 7, 2012

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"Resident Evil 6", the latest in Capcom's successful zombie franchise, suffers a bit of an identity crisis. The series began its transition from survival horror to a more action oriented game with RE4, and moved further into action territory with RE5. RE6 tries to be both, and while there are certainly outstanding moments in this game, there are a whole host of flaws that hold it back from being the best of the series to date. It is certainly the most ambitious entry into the RE series, with 4 campaigns (Ada Wong's unlocks after you beat the other three), a Mercenaries mode, and an online mode called Agent Hunt, where you infiltrate another player's game as an enemy. The campaigns are all 5 chapters long, each running between 5-7 hours for a playthrough, depending on your skill. That makes for a 20-30 hour game (more if you play the campaigns as both characters, as there are 7 total playable), which is a fair amount of gameplay, giving you a decent bang for your buck if you purchased. Graphics and voice acting are very good, and the story is decent, though, typical of the series, a bit convoluted. Improved is the AI of your companion, and being able to move and shoot is a welcome change. The controls work fairly well, but the camera can be troublesome in spots. QTEs are plentiful and in some cases awkwardly implemented. Cheap deaths abound, caused by failing QTEs or by having the camera wrest control from the player. Sadly these occur often enough to make the game very frustrating at times. Also, the campaigns overlap, forcing the replaying of whole sections, making things redundant. The inventory is awkward, you can pause only in single player, and forget about changing options mid game as bringing up that menu leaves you vulnerable to attack. Checkpoints are not save points so make sure you see the save icon. There is only 1 save file, so no jumping between campaigns. This is a good game but not a great one. Rent before you buy, as it's at least worth playing.

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